Fuck Town: Casting Adele

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A cute girl came to your office after she saw your ad on local website. She needs a job and you need a good fuck! Good luck!

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pretty average i mean very simple and easy, not much in it.

Not so good

Very good - as far as it goes!

The scenario is a conventional/exciting one - crafty porn entrepreneur cons sexy young applicant into cheap sex. And Adele is fairly sexually drawn (if slightly minimal!), with nicely confused expressions and - provided you don't say something stupid - willing responses, submissive gestures.

There is also the sort of "courtesy training for sucess" typical of such games. That's okay.


The anal is weird. His dick goes in at the wrong angle - or else her asshole is half way up the back of her buttocks and built like a vagina!

Of course it would be good if her body was drawn a bit more 3D. Sexbomb Adele may be, she's a bit 2D and so the sex scenes are a bigger leap of the imagination than they could be ;)

As often with these games, it's a pity there is no "final scene", once the spurting is done. If only to show her face, and to ask about the next step ...

The main thing really: if you "play your cards right" (basically, avoid telling Adele you basically just want to stuff your dick inside her - until you stuff your dick inside her) you get three sex scenes.

Good. But ideally, that's only the start, and we get an option to see her continuing her new career, hired for films and/or as a call girl or prostitute.

The story is very short, in other words!

(Having said that, the very short story is better than one padded out with way too much click-click-click dialogue, and too few dialogue options!)

Good game guys Keep it up ;)

It's good, for a porn game.

The art is decent, well, better than I can anyways!

The music isn't something that I would rate in a PORN game, but it's not bad.

The animation is good, but rather minimal.

The dialogue is pretty cringy at times "Welcome to the modelling agency! Suck my dick!" (it's not a quote from the game I'm just using it as an example)

During the sex scenes the girl looks kind of, confused. Her expressions kinda throw me off.
When I played it I just felt weird, and not in the good way. I kinda coiled up a bit when looking at some of the dialogue and interactions.

So I would say it's rather good. I usually don't venture past the mature rating, but today, I made an exception.

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2.82 / 5.00

Apr 15, 2016
9:30 AM EDT
Simulation - Dating