Traffic Collision

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Enjoy the insane car stunts and crashes! Drive on the highway at high speeds and avoid hitting other vehicles.

Get a 30 second time extension every time you drive 5,000 yards.

Use nitro to reach the longest distance before you run out of time!

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Really cool, but it looks like the road is upside-down, and that confuses my eyes.

Really impressive use of Flash for realistic 3D! The sounds, effects, all the damage you can make, it all looks awesome. The isometric angled-3D view is pretty cool too. Felt weird at first, but you get used to it fast! Love the speed and action here. Great game.


Haven't written a review in years but your game made me annoyed enough to bother!
When using nitro it's almost impossible to even avoid the 2 cars blocking lanes, it's possible but you need insane reaction times.
BUT the 3 cars blocks CANNOT be avoided even when travelling at the slowest speed.

It just seems like a really dumb design decision...
If you're going to do that on purpose you really need to add in health pickups or something like that to give you a chance of mitigating that randomness.
At the moment even if you're good how long you last is entirely dependent on how many 3 car groups you get presented with. And even crashing into the has a random factor because the amount of damage you take can be small or huge depending on how you are bounced through the unavoidable collision.

I loved absolutely loved Driving Force 2 but this one is a big miss unless you fix this problem.

Why is there no brake pedal?

First of all, thanks for making this game available for free and all, it's been a fun distraction. The animations are great and I love to see those cars crash and crash again.
However, it seems impossible to drive for even 5000 yards without crashing into something, especially on nitro. It adds to the thrill having to decide between driving without it but running out of time or to drive with it but wrecking the car quickly, but the odds of crashing are somewhat off-balance.
You can make an assumption that every x seconds 1 - 3 cars will appear, stop using nitro during that period and bet on the middle lane to give the highest odds for a successful evasion maneuver. Yet there are some constellations you can't evade even without nitro. When the cars form a "Y" (two cars on the side lanes, on in the middle) it is IMPOSSIBLE not to crash into at least one of them. It's more likely that you crash 2 to 4 times with two of them, which accumulates a lot of damage. This Y-constellation will appear at least once every 5000 yards, often more. So when you drove for 15000 yards and you are on the last quarter of your damage bar you already now the probability of making it another 5000 yards are about none to zero. That makes the Y-constellation not even a wild card, but a very calculable risk (happening at least 4 times until you reach 20000 yards with 1-4 collisions). Basically you have to not crash into anything which makes sense of course, but you also have to hope that for some highly impropable chance, that you only encounter 3 of those formations until you reach the 20000 yards mark AND that you'll only collide with one of the 3 Y-cars once every 5000 yards. Highly impropable. Doesn't really add to the fun. Either take out the Y-formation, lower its odds or add a brake.
Oh, and please add a mute button, an exit to main menu or retry button in-game and don't call it a secret map if its right there in the main menu starring you in the face. Oh yeah, and what Mr. Buttlicker said. Good point.
Nevertheless, thanks for the game, will continue trying to reach those 20000 yards. This secret map better be good.

Game mechanics are great, but playability must be improved. Just one goal is uninteresting, that's where replayability hits a wall. And it's a shame really, the crashing is sooo very well done, that's all I want to do!! Put a mode where it's "crash this amount of cars"! And add repair powerups, it's really missing!!!

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3.36 / 5.00

Apr 14, 2016
3:02 PM EDT
Sports - Racing
  • Daily 4th Place April 15, 2016