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Welcome, my Lord, to the cursed kingdom. A land plagued by black magic and creatures that crawl out of the darkness. Once this was a great kingdom. It could be great again. That's all up to you. Enter the world of Royal Heroes - a strategy game set in a world of fantasy and adventure.
Hire an army of legendary heroes and battle vast waves of monsters. Destroy your enemies on the battlefield. Purge all evil from your land. Construct your castle. Craft weapons. Spend your loot wisely. Rule your kingdom.

This is Royal Heroes. Welcome to your kingdom, and good luck. You'll need it.
If you like it - try it for mobile or steam - http://store.steampowered.com/app/439920
If game is too hard - try to rearrange your heroes.
Supports(mages) and DPS(rangers) should be behind Tanks(warriors).
Being a warrior dosent make him a tank. Proper items and skills - does.
You can beat first 30+ battles without replaying at all already beaten levels.
It is a strategy after all. If your strategy is not working - you can compensate it with grinding. But that is not only way to beat the game.

And even after moment - enemies too strong - you can do raids and upgrade items and spells - and continue your victory dance.

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Really fun and complex game with nice music and graphics. For a free flash game it really is complex. The combat is pretty addictive imo. Ruyjerko (emphasize on Jerk) giving this game no stars is uncalled for as he focuses on minor nitpicks (which he always does). Still a fun game nonetheless

Not recommended.
I give to this game 0 stars. Is exactly the opposite to fun. It is attractive and entertaining for about the time you realize that instead of progressing, further you advance the worst you are. The feeling of need for grind is too annoying.

Strategy games are characterized for the need to think and not just fight. This game provides you with two different characters for the first levels, melee and ranged. The only possible formation is melee tank and ranged support. But this game is made in such a way that you are always in disadvantage. Let's make it clear, disadvantage is not challenge, or in other words, the difference of lvl 1 and lvl 2 should not be that lvl 1 in hard is lvl 2 but each scenario with its individual challenges.

Regardless of developer history, I would recommend to learn a little more before doing another game. Doing a game is not just programming, or other technical processes, but to understand the aspects make the program entertainment/enjoyable.

I'm sure everything has been hit on as far as flaws go. Either way, developing games is never an easy task in the first place. Let alone, pleasing everyone. The biggest complaint I would have to say would be the cost to increase the number of troops per unit. Between paying for skills for each individual unit, leveling up their troops, the cost of crafting, magic in the wizard guild, it just is an uphill battle you'll never win. Especially the cost of increasing your troop numbers. It's quite frustrating. The best mission I found gave me 2500 some gold every 15 seconds, which was in the witch level. Even still, I could never keep up with the expenses. Also, I don't believe it's been touched on, but some of the spells in the wizard guild are a little buggy. Like the revive for instance. Sometimes it doesn't seem to work at all. Other than that and what's been mentioned before in these reviews, I love the concept, design, and potential it has. Good luck in the future. : )

This game is a lot of fun and has a very good concept. Has a bit of replay value too. There are a few things I would like to see though:

The heroes you get are fairly random. I would it like when you refresh your tavern, the hero that you used the cup refresh for, gets turned into a hero of the same star value?

On the note of heroes, maybe being able to buy a cup or at least a cup upgrade would be nice instead of leaving it completely to chance.

I would also like the ability to delete spells. When you click on a rune, you don't know which one you will get, and if that one spell fills your last of the 6 spell slots and you don't like it, you're stuck with it. I can understand the randomness being part of the difficulty and charm but the not being able to forget it is pretty frustrating.

The enemies seem to scale up pretty fast in the early levels, if you're screwed with the first couple of heroes you get, it seems impossible to go further without grinding.

Other than those issues, I'd like to see more strategy games from you :)

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3.34 / 5.00

Apr 14, 2016
6:35 AM EDT
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)