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An atmospheric puzzle game featuring a story inspired by a poem.

Draw lines that follow the path you create to hit all of the circles in one attempt.


Awesome game, made me think, and the "poem" though short was really sweet. I did finished it, but I would have liked some better instruccions at the beginning. Guessing how it would move was really hard at the begginning.

I love the mechanism on this, minimalistic visuals and interesting puzzles. they all complement each other so well. I didn't quite read the poem until it was too late butt what I did read was pretty poetic regardless of the context. I love the way that the mechanism is presented here; no instructions, no guidance the starting screen teaches you everything you need to know, Awesome! For some reason it won't let me play these again even when I opened it in a new window the only thing that happens after I start the game there's that white screen saying but you didn't. Awesome game overall

keybol responds:

Thank you. You can delete save to replay all the levels. There's an X button at the top left in the title screen.

great idea, but the execution is atrocious. the solutions were incredibly obtuse, and half the time i ended up having to brute force my way through. and I'm very experienced with puzzle games, in fact, you could say I'm something of a fanatic.

The idea is great! Making a living drawing was brilliant! That alone deserves 5 stars.

There's nothing to say about the art, although this game doest need any great art.

The music is nice, gives you a real sense of comfort, and cuts of in a fitting manner so it can loop again.

I know that this might be a bit dumb sounding but the difficulty is REALLY high, which stopped me from being able to enjoy the rest of the game.

The game is great, it's cool how you made a game centred around one mechanic and made it work!

Keep doing what you do!

keybol responds:

thank you! the game is a bit challenging but the solutions are infinite, you can hopefully find a way to solve each level.

I think there is a bug here, I keep getting stuck on a white screen after I followed the instructions to start the game, please fix this

keybol responds:

I tested it after uploading and it worked. I also tested it now. I use safari, what browser are you using?

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2.94 / 5.00

Apr 14, 2016
6:29 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other