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Voodoo Trump

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American Hero 10 Points

Find the Mexican Hero "EL Chapulín colorado"

Bad neighbor 10 Points

Find the skeleton Trump

Biggest poop 10 Points

Trump is full of crap

Born this way 10 Points

The creation of Donald

Cactus Trump 10 Points

Find the cactus

Chauvinist pig 10 Points

choose chauvinist pig

Colder than Subzero 10 Points

Fight mortal kombat

Crap Trump 10 Points

Find Trump shitting again

Dawn of the brain dead 10 Points

Find Zombie Trump

Debate Donald 10 Points

Choose Donald on Debate

Debate Kanye 10 Points

Choose Kanye West on debate

Eagle desk 10 Points

Help the eagle desk

El Chapo 10 Points

Find El Chapo

Freddy Krueger 10 Points

Let Freddy Krueger take care of the Donald

Fucks news 10 Points

Watch Fucks News

Hambourgeois clown 10 Points

Find Donald McDonald Trump

Hell yeah 10 Points

Find the shooting wall

Hitler wanna be 10 Points

Find Hitler Trump

Homeless Trump 10 Points

Find the Homeless Trump

I prefer Tacos 10 Points

Choose the Trump´s trophie wife

Jason Voorhees 10 Points

Let Jason Voorhees take care of the Donald

Mister Universe 10 Points

Find Mister Universe

Republican Party 10 Points

Find the Republican Party

Respect China 10 Points

Find the Chinesse Trump

Respect Mexico 10 Points

Find the Charro Trump

Respect women 10 Points

Find Trans Trump

Respects diversity 10 Points

Respect all religions, find Trump on Airport

The Donald 10 Points

Let the money rain for Duck Trump

The Wall 10 Points

Find the Wall

Under hair 10 Points

Find what´s under Trump hair

Volcano Trump 10 Points

Throw Donald Trump into the Volcano

Women Rights 10 Points

Choose woman right

You are Fired 10 Points

Find the Trump on fire

Author Comments

Thanks for the frontpage, sorry Donald followers
Have fun by pressing any letter, function key or number on you keyboard to voodoo Donald Trump,
Do not get excited too much, the real Donald was not hurt in the creation of this video game and we can not check the effects of our spell in real life.
Simple keys will change body, head or face, but some keys are special and you will find hidden rooms with cool actions and animations by point and click with a lot of badges for your collection, you can mixed the head and bodies to make a full new version of the Donald.
Game made in 5 days for the itch.io Lowrez Jam 2016
original size 64x64pixels but you can play a x8 version (512x512)
All music is original except the "Wedding 8bit track", the "Ballpark organ" music and "Chapulin colorado" music.

if you need any help check this link for all special keys http://munguiavideojuegos.blogspot.com/2016/04/voodoo-trump.html

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Nearly 4 years after the election, Trump IS really full of crap

have no idea how much i wish i could rate it as more then 5 stars! this game is hilarious! and for making this game you my good person deserve a medal and a cookie :D

born this way LMAO

Trump is USA president now, but America, while of course having some problems is still a prosperous country where many want to immigrate from all over the world.

At the same time in Venezuela, about as close to Costa Rica as USA, under socialist dictator Maduro, people are starving, using toilet paper as currency and are trying to flee that country by whatever means possible.

In USA you can play a mock game mocking the president Trump, but try to make or play such a game in Venezuela and if caught, police will come for you and your relatives will likely not see you again.

Will you make a similar mock game like this about Maduro? You so like to fight for the just cause right Munguia? So many of your games are about turning peoples attention to world problems like homeless dogs, starving people, Hitler wanna-bies. Well you have the opportunity to make a game turning peoples attention to real evil going around in the world currently so close to your country. Will you have the balls to mock a true evil dictator? Or are you going only for low hanging fruits, joining the crowd of woke comedians? Do you have the integrity to mock true evil, true fascism, true stupidity, true dictatorship? Or will you only mock those who you deep in your heart know will not cause any real harm?

This game is adorable.

Credits & Info

2.96 / 5.00

Apr 12, 2016
5:35 PM EDT