Master Checkers

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It's an HTML5 checkers game. The AI is pretty clever, so be prepared to be beaten if you're not playing your best checkers game.


well built generic game.

although madnatory jumps are a stupid design choice because they
A) limits the possible moves you can make
B) fources you into bad situations.

other than that it's fine.

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No such thing as "manditory jump"

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your better of just playing this on your own all ready installed games, i mean sure the AI is hard but that's partly because you make the first move so most of the time the AI has the upper hand against you i mean if your gonna create it make it so you can pick different sides i mean me personally i play a better a game when i see what move the opponent has made before me instead of being the one to make the same move just some thoughts.

The AI is smart. I'd like an undo button. No comment on music (volume was muted)

Checkers is a lovely game, don't get me wrong, but this is CHECKERS. A board game you could be playing in real life, actually touching things other than a mouse! I'm mad that this is just another online checkers game! Where's the originality? Checkers is a popular game, and there need not be anymore copies! This might just be the 80's rock and roll kicking in, but I'm angry none the less!

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2.82 / 5.00

Apr 11, 2016
6:14 PM EDT
Strategy - Other