Argument With A Trump Supporter

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The sequel to Netflix and Chill:



This game is what happens when family members who post their political opinions on Facebook actually meet during a campaign season in real life.... to the extreme.

Use your wits to convince the rest of your family to #FEELTHEBERN! Or else you won't be eating any birthday cake.

This campaign season is just crazy.


Thanks so much for the front page! And for the great feedback. I knew it was going to be a divisive piece, so my next one will be more laid back. Either way it was really fun to make, and I hope everyone enjoys it!


So after the enormous amount of hate I got with this game, which was really just me throwing something out there, I learned a helluva a lot. Which is great! I have so many ideas for my next game to help rectify some of the complaints of this one. Yes, I get that it was very snoody of my character, and I originally had in mind this as more of a narrative than an actual game, but I see now that it came off a bit disjointed, like going in too many different directions to make real sense. I'm really glad this game only took me a little bit of time.

I've decided, therefore, that my next game will be much different in content and in tone. I haven't yet decided exactly if I'm going to change the game's core mechanic, but we shall see. To people who still will play my games, thank you! I'm still kind of a newbie developer, so I appreciate all your support so that I don't crash and burn here.

Much love!



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Hey. I found this game way to late, but I like that the game mechanics were the same. I wish I had an extra couple seconds on the timed choices though, the choices were a bit long.

As far as it being politically driven, free speech is what makes this country great. And this sites motto is "Everything by Everyone." Don't apologize for making a good game. Actually, it would've been cool to choose between Jason or Martin. Either way, great game and I look forward to the next one.

Well this is just a load of libtard shit.

Really makes you think

How come I lost when I stated facts and backed my statements up with evidence while Uncle Martin just said a bunch of opinions?

Jasonario responds:

Because people are stupid and easily swayed by the loudest jerk in the room.

This is just retarded, a liberal agenda fueled game that does no job of entertaining you except misspelling of the name, why'd you really feel the need of bringing politics here? This is merely a site where people come to have a good time, laugh, maybe catch some feels, and nobody wants to see what's mainstream media is already full of.
Despite that nice art style and animation, pretty cool quick time events too.

Jasonario responds:

Thanks for the review! I don't know, I just felt like it to be honest.

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Apr 8, 2016
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