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###“PxBeats” is available on iOS AppStore now:

### How to play?
* Keyboard "ASDF" + Mouse


### The most rhythmical RPG game and the most adventurous music game
* Marvellous heroes rivalling evil lords
* Attacking and defensing at the rhythm beat
* Fabulous experience of hitting, striking, and beating

### Multifarious power-ups
* Unique and well-defined feature for each power-up
* Overwhelming force by using power-ups
* Real-time power-ups upgrading

### Appealing chiptune music
* Ultimate auditory feast
* Rich, clear, powerful chiptune music
* Unchained melodies coming from your fingertips
* Ears will be burning with the spectacular sounds and high quality music

### Nostalgic pixel art style
* Elaborately crafted visual effects
* Exciting and real gaming experience like breaking a siege in the dark dungeon
* Bringing back childhood memories of pixel games

### Multiple game modes
* SURVIVE Mode: Hit notes quickly to play a flawless music
* BATTLE Mode: Utilize power-ups to beat evil lords

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The placement of the enemies and such compared to the music seemed very off, it made it difficult to play, especially if the game lagged for even a split second it would throw the entire thing off.
Secondly, I really disliked the whole "kill" thing at the end of the battle part, it seemed a bit obnoxious, but some people might like it. To each their own.
I also didn't really enjoy the battles.. like at all.. I felt they were far too short and just sort of tedious and annoying more than anything. And on that note, the survival was a bunch of fun [other than the placement being an issue] but it actually seemed slow paced to me.. Which was annoying. That mixed with the enemy placement compared to when you need to hit them made the game overall more rage inducing than fun.
One last comment, the blinding sparkle/hit thing on survival from the big combos? I think that should be gotten rid of entirely. It was very jarring and definitely needs an epilepsy warning solely just for that.

I love music based games in general, rhythm or otherwise, but this was overall a drag for me other than the extremely nice visuals.

It's a great start though! Keep up the good work, and get that stuff fixed.

I found that when I got hit that I really couldn't press a button to hit something else. And the same as Dragon56th, I was expecting music. I noticed that you used a few songs from teknoaxe...nice :) Good graphics for the genre and when you get to the 2.0 I read about surely it will have little to no bugs.

i'm loving it ! i think the only problem i have is button placement, while i imagine it's suppose to be played with just one hand, i found it easier to play with two. But i cant really fault it for a design flaw that I think only I have a problem with. Can't wait to see how much more you add on/improve to this!

The timing for when you need to hit the key relative to where the enemy is is unintuitive.

I destroy at rhythm games but this one just felt off so I didn't enjoy it.

banacola responds:

We fix this sync issue in Version 2.0. Please stay tuned, we will update it soon.

The combo max doesn't upgrade

Credits & Info

3.10 / 5.00

Apr 7, 2016
9:09 PM EDT