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Five Nights Watching Paint Dry

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A Bear-y Special Achievement (Pun Intended) 5 Points

A bear-y special achievement (pun intended). Sorry, my puns are bad.

A Crummy Sequel 5 Points

Is it really a crummy sequel, or is it just the same thing made four times?

Actual Gameplay 5 Points

This game MIGHT contain actual gameplay.

Actually Play This Game 5 Points

Thanks for playing this game, but why? You just watch paint dry for five nights!

Blue Room 5 Points

A blue room. You can instead watch blue paint dry. Neat!

Champ 5 Points

Complete the WHOLE game. Make sure you complete everything!

Chump 5 Points

Quit the game.


An RPG version of this game. Everyone will have had enough of these games after that. I hope...

Hidden Toaster 5 Points

Find the hidden toaster just like in all of my other games.

Lights Off 5 Points

Turn of the lights. But turn them back on! I'm afraid of the dark!

Night Five 5 Points

Survive the fifth night.

Night Four 5 Points

Survive the fourth night.

Night One 5 Points

Survive the first night.

Night Six? 5 Points

Survive the sixth night...?

Night Three 5 Points

Survive the third night.

Night Two 5 Points

Survive the second night.

Not As A-MAZE-ING 5 Points

Possibly A-MAZE-ING?

Orange Room 5 Points

Donald Trump or an orange room? An orange room.

Panic 30 5 Points

Panic 30? Have you played it?

Secret Room 5 Points

Find the secret room.

Sequel? 5 Points

A sequel? There's more?!

Stupid Clicker Game 5 Points

That clicker game I made was stupid. That was the point.

TGS Secret 5 Points

My champ gave me a few ideas for this "game". So I thought maybe I'd thank him.

View the Credits 5 Points

View the credits.

Yellow Room 5 Points

Just a yellow room. Nothing big.

Author Comments

Can you survive five nights watching paint dry? In this game, you sit here and do nothing. You just sit there and watch paint dry. I know, right! It's boring, but don't worry, so are other games! ;)

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kinda pog

Decent time waster, any chance of some hints for the remaining medals?

lmao I was trying to exit the paint thing because I had changed my mind about changing it but I got the secret room

this is amazing!


Credits & Info

3.27 / 5.00

Apr 7, 2016
5:14 PM EDT