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ARMSmasters Project - Phase Zero

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On a chaotic, mythic world where science and sorcery co-exist, a misfit mercenary must come to terms with his role in an escalating war over the most powerful magical artifacts known to exist.

The Phase Zero short is a proof of concept short that introduces viewers to Riot as he embarks on a mission to dispatch a group of dangerous creatures known as Voidspawn.

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First glimpses had me thinking of Avatar, but when the fighting starts, damn, it really transforms! :D I wish the animation clarity was a bit more sometimes, certain characters seem to be out of focus intentionally in the fights, but the detail level otherwise is impressive... and the backgrounds! Really thorough work with everything there.

I wouldn't mind seeing more of this... seems like a concept with a lot of promise! The character design's pretty unique too. Like traditional anime but... with a twist.


Truly enjoyable. Rare to see anything of this quality on Newgrounds any longer. Cant wait to see more.

Really like the music and backgrounds.

Thanks for posting this and for your hard work.

Awesome work from a great team! I was lucky enough to voice Riot in this and I had a blast! I recorded for this more than two years ago and as you know traditional animation takes time but I am very pleased with how fluid the results are. I love the action shots and how the music keeps the speed of the animation going. Keep an eye out on ARMSmasters, these guys will do great things in the near future!

To write it off as "Just more Animu" feels disingenuous, as I think this has definitely got loads of potential behind it. The animation evokes hand-drawn anime art styles just enough to feel familiar, while at the same time maintaining its own aesthetic; very clever part on the artist. Of which, I'm none too familiar with their pedegree or those of their team - except for AmaLee; AmaLee is badass - but I am undoubtedly confident that they'll strike gold with this.

As a piece by its own right, this was a really well-done submission. As a proof of concept, it leaves me excited for what AO has planned next. Best of luck to your whole team, and I'll be back to see what you have for us next.

winnmich responds:

Thank you so much! You pretty much nailed exactly what we were going for and indeed, AmaLee was amazing and it was awesome opportunity to have her work with us. I look forward to collaborating with her again in the near future. Thanks again for checking it out! More will be forthcoming soon! :)

So, basically... Weaboo Didney Worl?