Yellow Diamonds True Power

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Heres a little something to help my fellow SU fans be patient for the Hiatus to end.

original comic by Toonyed

special scream: TFS Vegeata

music: https://soundcloud.com/dougwinning99/...

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10/10 running animation on peridot !

i love Steven Universe!(you can probly' tell) Especially Peridot. nice animation, also this:

Steven Universe has an amazing and unique art style that kinda’ pulls away from usual cartoon styles, I think the art style of S.U. Portrays a very “Adults can be kids” feel and, I think everyone should (and will) enjoy whenever you watch it. Steven Universe is also a very peaceful, and soothing show, it helped out when I was in a very Depressed state, and overall it has a very comfy, homey, and happy feeling towards it. Also, Rebecca Sugar (The Creator, and voice actor) is an amazing musician and song artist. Her songs Really add to the “Happy” feel of the show!

But! The thing that make S.U. so cool are the characters, All of Steven Universe’s main characters (The crystal Gems) are Gems! All of the gems have different personalities to go with them, Here are some examples: Amethysts are usually posted as royal guards because of there cooperation, and respect, Pearls, are the butlers, bismuth’s are the blacksmiths and weapon creators, But! there are many more gems! And that would take alot to type, So I’m not going to ramble about them forever, and I have much more to say!

Finally, The thing that makes Steven Universe so great, is the music, and how it’s a music-based show! Just look at some of the lyrics for one of the songs called: “Peace and love (On the planet earth)”-”Life and death and love and birth And, peace and war on the planet Earth, Is there anything that's worth More than, peace and love on the planet Earth-”...I think it’s a very nice song. So If your feeling down, or sad, and you need some cheering up (Or you just want to watch a pretty cool cartoon) Go and watch Steven Universe, It’s really entertaining! But, If you don’t have cable or Hulu, then I guess you're doomed. Sorry.

lol,love those sound effect

megadrivesonic responds:

thank you

love TFS vegeta, great one

megadrivesonic responds:

glad you enjoyed it.

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Apr 5, 2016
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