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Alone The Empty World

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You are alone in this empty world, you must solve the mystery behind the disappearance of humanity , the missing piece of the puzzle is somewhere in the city...

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im getting little madie dear vibes

The missing piece of the puzzle is apparently a SYSTEM-WIDE game bug glitch that crashed my computer after I went down the hallway in the sewer. TOTALLY killed my internet connection. This has not happened with any other game I've played on NewGrounds. Even basic re-start didn't suffice returning connection. Complete shut-down and reboot brought it back. This is too risky to be inflicted with some sort of virus. Just be aware that it could occur for anyone playing this game. HOWEVER...., the idea put forth in this game is decent, I was quite intrigued by this submittal. Perhaps troubleshoot this and determine the fault. Could simply have been an isolated problem with my feed and had nothing to do with the game. No blame, just a bit of concern.

I'm not going to lie. It's a fun game to play, although I don't know what to do in it All I managed to do was find a warehouse and then there was an earthquake. But, that's it! I don't know where to go next. Plus, there's this talk about a hospital. Even if I was going to look for it next, I don't know what it looks like. I don't even know where the dog is, whatever that means. A challenging game to play, but it's just a little confusing. I just hope someone finds a way to do a walkthrough or some hints on how to get through this game. I know I'm not the only one having this problem.

adebgamesoft responds:

Hi, thank you for playing my game.
you can find the dog locked on car. and you need to find a hole formed after earthquake near to bus

This could have been so cool. Like other comments, this game needs some directions, hints or something. Yes it kind of defeats the purpose of being alone, but it's a game, and it should be beatable. Even if you had the option before the game started to have, or not have hints. I stopped playing in the hospital with the code. I imagine it has something to do with the curtains an the things in the tubes, but i cant figure it out. But it is a great game and has lots of potential. More people should be able to see the ending of this game.

adebgamesoft responds:


thank you for rating and for playing my game.

you need to found the dog in first city and then found a secret room in the hospital...

I love open world games like this, but it is very confusing to understand what to do. Perhaps a guide of some sort would help make the gameplay less aimlessly clicking things. I really want to play this game, but I am very bad at 'I spy' games. I love the music and the art style, but I also would love it if you help people of the lesser intelligence to play this game.