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Fireproof is a short platformer about memories, burning things and starting a new life.

Objective: Collect the green dot to advance to the next level. Some levels may require a bit of patience to complete. (Bul all are solvable!)

Controls: LEFT/RIGHT for movement, UP to jump (UP in midair to double jump), DOWN in midair to stomp (mostly useless)

VIDEO WALKTHROUGH available from https://goo.gl/o0iGcQ

This game is a persistent little bugger, which, if nothing else, resonates with the game's admittedly clumsy metaphor. I started making Fireproof in GameMaker in 2009, inspired in equal measure by Braid, Gregory Weir's Silent Conversation, and the realization one didn't have to be an artist to make a playable game. I abandoned the game halfway through level 5. I then returned to it in 2012, porting it to Stencyl (which I was trying to learn) and grinding out eight and a half further levels at an ever slowing pace before abandoning the game completely for the second time -- with only two levels to go. In March 2016, I accidentally discovered Fireproof on a computer I was no longer regularly using and decided to make myself finish it as part of a larger plan to make myself start finishing things. And so, there it is. Hope you enjoy it.


The concept is fantastic, the music is wonderful, and the story is riveting. However, some of the levels are just too hard. I've spent a good while now trying to catch that train, and all I've accomplished is to fall short of the train if I try to collect the dot. As this is a story-based game, I would suggest making the levels slightly more forgiving in order to allow the users to complete the story.

xlomid responds:

Thank you for the feedback! I am sorry about the difficulty, I wanted to make the game challenging in addition to being artsy, missing the fact that challenging and artsy games tend to attract different kinds of player.
I am considering creating an optional easy mode, activated after a certain number of retries. For now, I have uploaded a video walkthrough of the game on YouTube, which I hope can help players get through the more challenging levels: https://goo.gl/o0iGcQ. Hope this helps.

The stairs descend into the dark, but they don't lead anywhere. The game just stops.

xlomid responds:

It does not. You have to find and pick up the green dot to proceed.

Green dots, crazy jumping comma and frigging cars - I see you in my nightmares tonight... Love the game.

I really like theme here. Never played anything like this before. Great job.

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2.81 / 5.00

Apr 4, 2016
7:49 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle