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Back again with another release, after spending some time on other things we release another title. "Good Luck and Bad Luck" plays on just that, Good Luck or, Bad Luck. We will explain:

In the game you have the chance to gain the upper hand in combat or, make things a lot worst on yourself. This will be explained later on in the game. We hope that you have fun playing this as we've had fun making it. The game is a side-scroller and yes it will take some time to get use to the controls and how they work but trust us, it is capable of being done. The In-Game Save feature will allow you to continue a game after the Story screen is reached. You'll be thrown back to the stage you're meant to continue from. (It makes sense once you lose and restart the game) Remember, report any issues of glitches, errors or anything else that will prevent your gameplay. Also, checkout the links to the left: YouTube, Twitter, etc. On that note hope you like the game.


****** Features ******
- An array of enemies to fight through
- Unlock powerful weapons
- Struggle through heavy boss battles that requires you to use your head as well as your arsenal

- Travel throughout England in hopes that you can survive the onslaught awaiting your arrival.

****** PATREON ******

Yes we have a Patreon. If you enjoy what we do and what we're planning to do in the future please support the journey. Remember, we're working and creating to entertain you. Support the Patreon and unlock special rewards we have on and off the Patreon. Like this game for example: Support the Patreon regardless of the amount and unlock the following rewards for this game and thank you for taking time to play our game.

****** Patreon Bonuses ******

- England's Finest tea: regenerate lost health overtime.
- England Cinder Moltov: clear a large path of enemies with fire.
- Old Elisabeth's Grains: offers protection and tastes great.


bit laggy and slow to respond to inputs, good concept though

Game doesn't run very smooth. To be honest, while in fight I dont really understand whats going on. There are guys coming from the left and from the right, but I can only face to the right. Not sure why the guy has to do backflips when i want to move to the left. The left-hand-controls aren't very practical to use. Should have been ASDF with special attack on Z in stead of AZDF with special on S. Also the music becomes annoying real fast.

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2.02 / 5.00

Apr 3, 2016
7:27 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun