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Apr 3, 2016 | 10:41 AM EDT
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A brief overview of the whole parking situation at schools.
I was a bit overly cautious when I made this and left out the names of the schools I researched. For the record, they were U of T, UTM, Seneca, and McMaster.
Fuck those assholes.



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Lousy Smarch weather....

My school charged $100 for parking, but freshmen weren't allowed to have cars on campus, sophomores and juniors were limited to certain lots, regardless of where your on campus housing or classes were, and of course seniors got first pick. But what they saved in registration fees, they made up for by having a team of campus police patrolling the school about every 15 minutes to see if you'd dared to park somewhere you weren't allowed. I probably paid half my tuition in parking tickets.


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At first I thought this video had something to do with America or some shit but then I realized it was Canada >.>

Thank god that UofT and Ryerson are close to a subway

Really funny though, make more! :)


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At first I thought this was about high school parking. I will say that the College I go to decided to raise tuition instead of charge for parking at their downtown campus.

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Wow, I always thought the books, dorm rental costs, and just over all tuition was a ridiculous amount of money. And after all that, they ALSO charge a lot for parking? That's just shameful. Where is this? Probably in America, huh? No one here cares about actual people- they only care about money.

Anyway, any time I ever complain about the cost of crap and the way corporations screw people over, I commonly get the response "That's just how life is." Well yeah, I obviously can see that, but that doesn't mean we have to think it's alright. So it's nice to see someone else who gets angry and thinks the immense greed to screw people over is bullshit. Really sorry you had to deal with that though.

Maybe this is a stretch but I mean, in my opinion, college parking should be totally free. I mean you're paying thousands and thousands of dollars a year. You said 4,000 but I swear I once seen a college for 11,000 once. Either way, it's expensive as hell. And it's not like you're just going for a year. People attend for YEARS. As if it was't expensive enough to begin with, it has to add up. My point is, you would think in all those thousands of dollars, they wouldn't need extra money for parking. I mean, if you're going there every damn day or even a couple times a week, just why? Why are you literately paying for a spot on the earth to leave your vehicle for a few hours? People go to college to learn. Of course they have to get there with some means of transportation. It's just. it's baffling that like you said, they try to screw young kids over any way that they can. I feel extra sorry for the teens that are attending a college far away from home and have to deal with the dorm fees, which again in my opinion should also be free. I know not everyone would agree but hey some teens need a dorm to stay in. You're there to learn. That should be the most important thing. Everyone makes such a dang big deal about college and getting a great career, but it's not even realistically affordable. And I know people are like, "Well get a loan" but they need to ask themselves this. Do you honestly want to spend years in college only to spend MORE years having to pay off a substantial massive loan when you could be using that money to save up for a house, buy recreational stuff, pay off medical bills, or just virtually anything than wasting half your life trying to pay back your student loans? I mean I know that's not always the case. I'm sure it depends what college you go to, what classes you take, what career you choose. But hey I have an aunt in her 40's who only paid back her student loans a few years ago.

Anywayyy, I loved your art. I could easily see this style being used for a cartoon. I particularly really liked how you drew yourself. I also enjoyed how you narrated this. Nice job! I'll probably check out your other animations.

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Raziberry responds:

Welcome, friend. Let your hate consume you.
You totally take the record for longest comment on one of my videos, man. Glad you liked it, and I hope the rest do something for ya as well. Cheers!


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Great video! I always had so many problems with the parking pass dilemma. I even had to George Kastanza my way out of a parking ticket once when returning a camera at College.