Phantom Knight - A Heroes Retribution

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Play as a knight who was killed in an invasion by a much more powerful army. They took everything that belonged to you. Family and what used to be called home to the kings best knight... All had been lost. 100 years later you rise from the dead feeling more powerful then ever before. You don't know why, or how.. You can remember everything like it happened yesterday. With an unknown spirit guiding you and giving you strength, what it is and why it is helping you is a mystery. All that matters to you now is taking back what was stolen and getting revenge. You are the Phantom Knight.

Movement = Arrow Keys
Melee = Z
Ranged = X
Climb / Move Crates / Enter Doors = C


Biggest issues:
- controls are clunky (up to jump, needing to hold a button to climb/grab a ladder, etc
- art is a bit plain/amateurish, animation is practically non-existent
- overall, everything's a bit small. hard to read text, hard to really tell what my character looks like

However, I will say, the game functions - nothing feels like it doesn't work, or is broken. Even the jumping, though oddly set up, worked nicely, which is surprisingly uncommon in 2D platformers. I'd say revise the controls, make everything a bit bigger and more discernible, and extend the game a bit, and you'd probably be onto something.

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My problem with this game is that the movement is too slow and I thought it's unnecessary to hold a button in order to climb up ladders (you don't need to hold any button to climb ladders in games like Mega Man or Mario).

I am also never a fan of needing to press Up to jump in a platform game. I only liked that kind of setup in fighting games.

The game is decent and I somehow managed to finish it.

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nice little game

Nice game. i finished it :D

Really nice game ! maybe a bit slow and way too easy...

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3.45 / 5.00

Apr 2, 2016
10:17 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other