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Now in case your wondering, no, I haven't seen the actual film but that just means I'm 100% qualified to make a parody of it.

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a perfect parody of superman VS batman.

i really liked your narrative/your voice acting, and the face expression/faces/style and drawings of all the characters were great, while the movie itself was HILLARIOUS!

great stuff, i loved it, plz do more stuff like this, its great!
keep on rocking!

You don't need to see it. You guessed the film.

Better than the orignal !

I saw the film yesterday and you just summed up my 2h expirence in 45 sec so easily

Wow so vivid It's like the real thing :P
But no really i enjoyed it not for the animation of course but it was funny, no idea why!
Anyways Keep it up ;)