Taxi INC.

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Taxi INC 5 Points

start the game

Tuned 5 Points

buy 3 radios

Driver 10 Points

hire 5 drivers

Turbo engine 10 Points

Perfect state motors

Gasoline 25 Points

buy 20 barrels

Yellow wheels! 25 Points

get 100 pps

Yellow mellow! 50 Points

get 1000 pps

Hey taxi! 100 Points

buy 40 taxis

Author Comments

Challenge yourself by managing a taxi company to become the best of the best.
Use the money earned to pay maintenance expenses, buy upgrades and make your business grow faster.

What are you waiting, sounds to hard for you?
Get to be a magnate of transportation industry!


It is the same game, just with taxi instead of ship. poor idle game.

The reviewer below me said this game is very similar to the crab game, and I agree. In fact, it was the music that gave me a sense of deja vu. Sure enough, I check your games, and there's the crab game.

Same music, same layout and very similar achievements (with slight variations) - including the one where you have to purchase 40 (50 in the other one) top upgrades which get exponentially more expensive. A single upgrade from 14 to 15 taxis costs $27295.

The beauty of idle games like Cookie Clicker or Clicker Heroes is that there are more passive bonuses and further upgrades to increase the clicks per second. But with this, when I spend all of my money on a taxi upgrade, I get an exponentially smaller return. In a better designed clicker game, at this point, I'd move onto a stronger upgrade that will offer better click per second for cash spent.

This does not make for a fun clicker game. I dread to think how long it would take me to achieve the final medal, so that's where I'll stop playing.

As for the presentation, it could have done with some animation - mindlessly clicking on a taxi to simulate a taxi business is a bit unimaginative.

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Almost lost my shit because the 40 taxis medal didnt pop up and thats the only reason Ive been "playing" the last 2 hours. Refreshed and it came up. (phew!)

I thought it was going to be a quick game cause all the other medals were pretty easy/quick to get.
Went out, got Brunch, came back home to madd dough. Finished up with the last medal while watching a documentary.

Basically its a good idle game. Not too much involvement necessary. The graphics are lovely, but it could use some flair.

Nice job!

This game is really similar to the crab game that (I believe you made?) I absolutely adore playing while at school, as it doesn't require my immediate attention and I can focus on other things too. I like this one just as much! Good work on the idle game!

The game isn't that bad but could use more variety and change because your just looking at the same screen with the same upgrades to buy etc. it can get a little redundant. The music was very nice though can you tell me what its called. The medals work but some only worked if you save then refresh the page and then load the game.

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Credits & Info

2.97 / 5.00

Mar 31, 2016
6:36 PM EDT
Skill - Other