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I'll always wanted to be an animator. And newgrounds is the reason why I always had that dream. So I did this challenge to see if it's something I enjoy doing. I have still my old username here... from like a 100 years ago.

Here's the full story on the 100 day challenge:

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is this 100 people walking with a diffrent personallity

justGoscha responds:

Is this question? :D

Great work! Thanks for sharing! Keep it up, growth is awesome!

very interesting

Really nice. Definitely recognize some of those from ASG and also a couple of Sen cycles from Spirited Away. I would work on more female cycles overall though. You seem a little limited in your repertoire there.

justGoscha responds:

Yep, not many female walk cycles. Have also to work on my female anatomy and general anatomy! Thanks for the outside perspective, easy to ignore such things.

Well holy bumble bee cocks, that shit was great. your walk cycles look awesome bro. have 5 stars and a bagle, and a dodge charger.