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Perfect Kirby 2

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Perfect Kirby Episode 2
The official sequal to// Perfect Kirby Episode 1.

The pink puff ball returns. As promised, Kirby's back to once again complete a deadly mission full of blood, gore, and guns. Richie slaved day and night at the computer, ignoring all home and school work, to bring this Flash masterpeice to life. This episode is a short remake of the Area-51 mission in the Perfect Dark video game (if you've played PD, it may be more enjoyable). Neil sends Kirby to rescue a kidnapped alien within the 'secret' base of Area 52. Wonder how tuff secerity will be? Be sure to watch the whole movie 'cause there are funny out-takes at the end, plus a few other surprizes. Let us know what ya think.

I'm glad to see that we got a lot of new attention after submitting the PK2 Preview. I hope you like the ACTUAL movie even more. The new animation might throw you off, but this is still the official sequal to PK1. The style is totally different, but you can still tell who's who. I changed the way I animated, mainly because the other episode looked real bad. It'd be out a lot sooner, but while I was animating PK2 (as well as the PK2 Preview), Windows kept friggin out on me, and of coarse, school got in the way. In my opinion the animation is a lot better. I think I'm gonna stick with the new style cause it looks so nice. Now, about the movie: This episode of Perfect Kirby is based upon an actual mission in the game Perfect Dark". You'll notice (if you've ever played Perfect Dark"), that the misson isn't exactly the same. Maybe not even close ...whatever... Just make sure you watch the OUT-TAKES at the end. All the sounds are EVENT, because when I had the sounds on stream, it messed everything up. Also, we would of had more out-takes, but we reached Flash's maximum frame limit ...16,000...

John & Richie-
Well, apparentally the apocalypse did come ...And it's name was AOL... We couldn't connect past 2.8K, but that's NOT an excuse, because we did wait till the last minute. We would like to apologize for our tardiness. Can you ever forgive us?

We had help with some of the voices in this movie, look at the credits. But at the end, be sure and watch the out-takes!

Perfect Kirby 2.swf
Dim: 550x400 pixels
Fr Rate: 20 fps
Size: 4228KB (4329811B)
Duration: 15989fr (799.5s)
Preload: 2492fr (124.6s) // 56K

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hmmm cool

not bad not bad at all.. love the artwork and animation.. was verynice very well done.. keep up the good work. some really nice work here would be cool to see some added effects on these.


Perfect Kirby 2 is a good parody of Kirby. Nintendo knows how to make the best characters. Great animation and funny to watch.

Congratulations on winning all three main awards! I was really impressed at how the animation had Iimproved. It seems like this is where the series grew its beard. Yeah, it's a term used for a trope. We finally get to see Joanna Dark! I mean, it's implied in the title.

A pity she doesn't do anything. I still think she's the most beautiful cartoon character ever created. The action was top notch. It was funny whenever he ate someone. The disguise was always so poor.

You know I always loved how Kirby sounds NOTHING like his cute little voice and actually sounds more like Jerry Seinfeld which come to think of it had a lot of references in the first one.

Ah its the little things about this fun series you know?

I think I'm about to pass out. YOU BLEW MY MIND, Pikanjo. You Blew my Damn mind. Screw the people that say this sucks, THIS is one of the BEST. ANIMATIONS. EVER! You've impressed many people today, and I think you should be amazed, the fact that you've blown everybody's minds is amazing, and I think you are one of my most favorite users of all! You're awesome dude, appreciate it! This is just, I'm running out of words to describe it! This is the greatest animation yet that I've seen! This animation... This.. This animation... Is EPIC!