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When Puns Fail

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What happens when puns no longer work? This.

A short story in the world of Underfell, an AU based on Undertale.

Voiced by the lovely Crashboombanger: http://crashboombanger.tumblr.com/

Undertale and featured music created by Toby Fox. Discover more here: http://undertale.com/

More work of mine can be found here: http://sour-apple-studios.deviantart.com/

Thank you for watching. I appreciate your comments ^^

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Simply quality, but puns still cover all situations, oh the HUMANity.

lol this was great

Ah, I love underfell animations, they never fail to make me laugh (Or cry-)

underfell sans is more bad than undertale sans XD 4 stars

"Sans, you are a sad and strange little man. You have my pity."