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Spheres and Explosive Insomniacs

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A guessing version of Memory featuring Spheres and Insomniacs. The objects of the game are based in the box art of "Bust A Move 2 Arcade Edition" (Link of the image here: http://iv1.lisimg.com/image/726216/640full-bust--a--move-2%3A-arcade-edition-cover.jpg ). Includes 5 lives every game. Pick 2 circles and they'll reveal if they have a sphere or an explosive insomniac inside. Unmatched pairings should be avoidable.

Made for the #badboxart on GameJolt.


On one hand, this game feels like it offers something new and somewhat interesting, on the other hand, the pleasure is short lived. The premise of "Explosive Insomniacs" doesn't make much sense, but maybe it's some sort of joke that I just don't personally find funny. (It sounds more like "colorless green ideas sleep furiously" than anything...) It also feels a bit too luck based because there is not way to find out which are insomniacs and which are spheres, but I guess that adds to the game. Overall it is an interesting game, but not an especially good one. (Also, a leaderboard would add a bit more meaning to this game.)

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toadfrogs responds:

Thank you for the comment :D
I just included a word of "Explosive" on the Insomniacs because they do explode in the game. Just my intention to describe something on it. No joke or whatsoever, it's not meant to be funny in any way :)
Didn't put much in this game because it was really rushed for the duration of the game jam at Gamejolt, there was a leaderboard on this (but it's not included for this build since I was in a middle of rushing) but it was exclusive for Gamejolt so I can't upload it here in my case. Although it's a luck based, the score should still be balanced for the players. I always try something new though. Still thank you for your criticism, the phrase "offers something new " made me felt that I've achieved something :D

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2.66 / 5.00

Mar 27, 2016
2:35 AM EDT
Skill - Other