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Swap each blocks and unite same color blocks.


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Lack of direction is aggravating. Still fun tho

This was a challenging game which made it fun. For those confused about actually moving the pieces: you can move one solid shape to it's new position as long as it's outline doesn't cross through other solid shapes (making an equal swap of the areas) and doesn't overlay it's initial position. Hope this helps, Happy Playing!

I don't like the fact that the player has to learn the mechanics straight from the gameplay. First four levels present each different way of solving the puzzles so it's pretty much experimenting. Then it's easy till you notice that in some levels some moves that are pretty logical by what you were taught so far are forbidden. I actually had to beat few levels few times to establish how selective the move possibilities are, because straight-forward solving next puzzles doesn't teach you how it actually works.

Unless you wanted to make player's personal frustration and helplessness part of the gameplay I don't think this game was thought through. There's too much autism (own, inner unexplained vision that others have to guess at best), and not much anything else. Logical games are to be logical - that is they're supposed to be solved with use of logic. I can make logical decisions only if I'm given at least some data. In fact current science can't generate a truly random number on computers without any initial data to work on (but you're a programmer so you probably know that already) - you can't possibly expect from the player to solve a logic game without knowledge of the game's rules. If You want to know how regular player feels when playing your game you can try playing my "Rekram Neportneo", have fun.

Despite all of that, I can't refuse that this game has nice, simplistic looks, and actually works. Lack of medals is little unsatisfying.

Amazing quality and its a very outstanding concept. Great job on this one

Simple and challenging, you need to think smart to beat this game, if you got all the 75 stars my respect, you must be a genious!

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3.40 / 5.00

Mar 25, 2016
7:33 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other