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Parappa Stuff

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Parappa's not taking any shit

check me out on youtube. if you want, I guess, it's not all that important. anyway it's youtube.com/natesketch

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I love it.

Was funny did laugh

Well this animation is ok but you got on Daily 2nd Place.

hahahaha! very funny parappa movie!

i always liked parappa, and i still remember his awesome PSX-rap games. good times.

you drew both mr onion+parappa the rapper well, while their face expressions were spot-on, and close to the actual thing, and the movie was funny too!

good work. 10/10
do more stuff like this, its cool!

This was alright. You replicated the Parappa style well, which is a plus. I just wished you put more movements for the characters, as it felt quite stale with the same moving shot over and over again, but the ending made up for it, which is important. For a parody about something that isn't completely relevant, like Undertale, Overwatch or Mario Maker, you did a good job.

Credits & Info

3.85 / 5.00

Mar 24, 2016
9:50 PM EDT