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Mini Minigolf

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A classic Minigolf game. Hit the ball into the 7 holes in as few shots as possible. Are you a pro minigolfer?

Left mouse button: Hold to increase power
Left mouse button: Release to shoot the ball
WASD: Move camera
Right mouse button: Hold and move the mouse to rotate the camera
Mouse wheel: Zoom camera

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I tried to load it a couple of times for several minutes but all I got is a black uninteractive rectangle.

Loved the game, and I agree with SensitiveJerk and MysteryMadman about the powermeter. A simple change to let the release of the button would fix that.

Another problem I encountered was that I was able to basically skip Hole 4 by making a shot where it landed up in Hole 5, almost a hole in one... SOOO CLOSE! But that is actually something that I think could be cool to keep.

Another is the sound, as little background music that the player has the option to turn on/off would enhance the game a bit I think, though the ambiance still works well.

And last, I encountered a game breaking bug on the last hole. I was stuck in the part of trying to hit the ball but it was glitching and I couldn't do anything. That is the only reason I gave the score a 4 instead of a 5 really, as game breaking bugs are never okay. But this game was so great that I still at least gave it a 4. I did a Let's Play of it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dr_qCyqo7h0 with more feedback. Keep up the great work, I loved it.

portofgames responds:

Thank you for your comment and the review on yotube. I liked watching it. The next update will fix the bug that you encountered.

Much of what SensitiveJerk said is true. I like the game, the relaxing sound-effects, the graphics, but the power meter presents a problem.

Generally, in a game like this... golf, billiards... the power meter will cycle back and forth along the meter... low to high to low to high... until the player chooses how much power belongs in the swing. This allows for the player to choose carefully what level of power to strike with. What you've done is forced the player to swing at maximum effort if they don't let go of the button in time. In a game such as baseball, where the player swings at a moving, split second pitch, this might make sense. But in real-life golf and billiards, taking your time to carefully choose how hard to strike is an important part of the experience. In putting, it's especially important to choose how light your swing is.

I'm okay with the physics, to be honest. Mostly a solid game, I just think you should fix the meter.

portofgames responds:

Thank you for your comment. I'm very busy with several projects at the moment, but i will update the power bar as soon as possible.

One big problem from the start of the game is figuring out how the power meter works. I shouldn't have learned the hard way that holding it down too long = it swings at max power. Why couldn't it just be a meter that goes up and down and ONLY swings if you let go of LMB?

There's no way of stopping a swing. This happened a few times when I'm trying to change my camera angle only to miss-click and watch as I nail the golf ball in a direction I didn't want it to go. Could have easily gone with holding LMB indefinitely as I just said before, then clicking RMB to cancel it. The game should be more about guessing the right angles and not about guesswork on the power of the swing.

Now the worst problem is the physics: it looks like the game thinks the ball is made of wood and it's traveling on a wood surface. The last hole makes it very apparent when the ball doesn't go up a ramp but just skips over it Then if the ball makes it over the gap, it just travels for a while with too little friction, and might just bounce off the wall and into the gap anyway.

The camera seems a bit wonky, but it's way better than a fixed angle that would just make things harder and dumber.

I completed in 29 swings in my first play-through. I probably could have done it in 25 or less if I knew beforehand how the game really functions with some practice shots.

portofgames responds:

Thank you for your comment and your suggestions for improvement. I'm very busy with several projects at the moment, but i will update the game as soon as possible.