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Room 39 - Pilot (Pilot 1/3) (NEW SERIES)

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Author Comments

Welcome to the first ever Room 39 episode: Pilot. Zombiewolf will be trying to upload episodes around every 2 weeks. Enjoy!

Room 39 on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6IRVexF6yQ&list=PLysieUMkPJcYV5L8G0kl6iREaBgTQG6S6

Room 39 on zombiewolf: http://www.zombiewolf.net/room39.html

Created by Zombiewolf:


Directed by: Pedrum
Written by: Pedrum and Dan
Animated by: David/Lotsalmp
Pedrum as Alex
Dan as Leo
Kian as Kian
Ivan as Lester (Custodian)
Ivan as LoneWolf principal.
Pedrum as LoneWolf Teacher

Ivan is Freakinbehemoth
Kian is YUNGxK1NG
Pedrum is Pedrum or ZombieWolfdotNet

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You guys did a pretty good job, but the art could be better

I like it very much!
The script is easy and cathy!
In the future Room 39 gonna be a huge sucess, i believe ;)

Pretty good! Add some music next episode! Looking forward to this series

I'm sorry but this wasn't really good. The biggest problem is that I couldn't understand a word the characters were saying (because of the bad mics), so I dont even know if there were jokes.
That can be easily solved by adding subtitles.
The second problem is the lack of music or sound effects. Every shot has to have some sort of sound or it just feels wierd.
The writing was mostly meh (from what I could tell), and relied too much on cliches.
One thing that did make me smile was the floating gag at 1:09.
I'm sorry if I came off harsh in this, I'm not trying to offend, but I think you can do a lot better.

ZombieWolfdotNet responds:

Yeah if you check the description you can see the YouTube version. I added subtitles. I did it so it isn't what YouTube guesses. Also we just got a musician for the project and he will be adding music in every episode. Thanks for your review!

basic animation and the voice acting works, i suppose