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Nanatsu no taizai Merlin Speed paint

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Let me know if you want to see more videos from me

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An amazing Speed paint

This was nice and the drawing was decent also good choice of music for sure want to see more of these speed paints here on newgrounds but overall this was nice work and there for needs no changes, Theres a style about these that are really amazing, its the creation at hand regardless of drawing or color, First the creation of your idea the drawing the line work and even color if added, its all a huge plus and a work of art at your own hands for everyone to see the nifty design.

this was nice work and there for needs no changes


ttrop responds:

thanks tho i did kinda stop doing these but i might picl up doing it again haha

The intro oh my God, I didn't expect that.

Top shelf cringe tempered by nice art... double-wammy goodness...

The animation is fantastic, but what ruined it was the cringey intro. That made me not want to watch the rest of the video, but I saw the finished product. Ehh... keep at it, soldier.

ttrop responds:

i did my job i love being cringey

Intro about saying you are pretty bad. Ruined your chance for a passing grade, next time start without a commentary.

ttrop responds:

lol maaaaaaaybe