I Wanna Riot feat. DJ Trump

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Performed by "First World Problem". Audio recorded by me March 11. I play drums, did the mix, and animation. Animated using my "trepanimation" method.


eeeh funny song, but the political stuff is getting old. What ever about trump, americans need to understand, that anyone can run for president. Just don't vote for trump, if you don't like him, but people threatening his life talking about rioting and assassinating trump for exercising his right as an american. I am not pro trump, but i am not against him either, if he is going to be president then people will vote for him. Why is it america votes for these people and then complains about 1 person, when in reality the problem would be with the majority of americans. As for your song, i like it, tis pretty good, best part about this... animation kinda gets me, looks like its all cookie cutter program, where you have limited creative control.

trepaning responds:

This video was made to timestamp a fast animation project, thus the topical reference for a song that just happened to be recorded a couple days earlier at my place. The animated movements may look odd, but this is 2 minutes of animation made by 1 person in an hour using Blender.

giving 3 stars, i love the video, sadly normally i would have been 5 stars except you added Trump and seriously i hate his guts

trepaning responds:

Ha! :)

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Mar 20, 2016
2:18 PM EDT
Music Video