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Ninja's Night Affair

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Hey newcomer , you are a ninja! You have to stealth to pass the land of the shogunate , don't touch lava or don't get touched by the guard, you can't attack the guard or they will spot you!!!

Made with Scratch
All the Sprites were made using my Pixel Art Editor.
Check it here:http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/671530

SPECIAL THANKS TO ChronicBurnR for his Epic Music
8-Bit Angry Face Go check it out! It a must to hear!

This short game was made in less than a week. Its my first SideScroller. YEAH :)

Sorry for the "Game Over Error" when you start at the beginning, I cant fix it just press try again and it will be fixed after play. Sorry :(

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Something is seriously wrong with the system when THIS doesn't get blammed.

So this is your first game? Good job. It works. Was able to finish it pretty easily.
I dont have to get all into there being simplistic graphics and whatever else people have been complaining about. Youve made a game, mission accomplished.

It is pretty nice for a first game. i encourage you to do more! Eventually work on 8bit sprites maybe!

Well, the first thing I can say about this game is that I'm honored you used 8-Bit Angry Face, and just wanted to say thanks and that's really awesome. The game does actually fall into the category of the 8-bit Genre, so I can see how it fits. However, the game play was really laggy on my computer, and I couldn't really understand what's going on. But keep up the solid work, Improvement can be made but you did say you put a week into this, so nice. 3 stars

Nice map development and plot! One thing I liked is how when you got caught it would not be game over till the third try, and, how when you fell in lava it is just a plain game over. However could have had a little more, however it was great!