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Wasteland Siege

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During post-apocalyptic earth, the best way to be on top is to show brute strength and power, not to mention a good-looking tower which makes everybody so envious they want it for themselves.
Gear up, upgrade your tower and defend it like you’ve never done before and prepare for a serious beatdown.

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this a nice game

Great Game but i am stuck on Level 8 of the Challenge levels i have tried every setting i can think of and can't get past it any help would be great.

Oh come on level 14 is so hard, i've got stucked there

I really loved this game, for a while i thought the weapons are so incredibly balanced that every level required a different strategy, which i thought was a lot of fun... until i figured out a game breakingly OP strategy.

i used this SAME strategy to easily get 3 flawless stars on the last row of levels, and even on the final boss (which i though may be unbeatable until i figured this out)

start with 4 artillery and 4 red power blocks, zig zag them so the power blocks are hitting at least 2 artillery each, now just spam artillery to kill everything DO NOT buy any other weapon towers. If you are about to get hit by a bomber, buy a cheap soldier to take the hit, if a soldier wont be able to block the damage, buy a tower extension, and an armor or shield block to absorb the blows until your abilities are cooled down. dont waste money on other weapons or expensive troops, you wont need them. try to get your artillery as strong as possible, by upgrading the 2 center ones first that are hit by 3 power blocks, and then the power blocks that hit at least 3 artillery. once these are maxed out, or any time you need to absorb a blow, start building massive amounts of armor or shield blocks. If something hits you, it will only deal minute damage. Also as a bonus, those cheap soldiers will become immortal and always re-spawn before they have all died off.

for the FINAL BOSS i used this strategy but it was a little tricky, while the boss if coming
at you, stall it as long as possible by hitting it with constant artillery, if you aim for the eye, a few rockets will hit it, and a few will fall to the ground killing incoming troops, do that for a while until you have about 15,000 gold and max out your tower with max lvl expensive troops, spare no expense. then let it come at you. i dont know what all the shields do but i was able to kill it while it had a blue shield active by just spamming artillery before it could change shields to a new color.

i was able to kill the FINAL BOSS even under heavy fire with out losing less then 5% of my bonus hp.

Nice game,

Some points of interest though. In the skill tree, the 6 points more damage for guards upgrade doesn't work. Also the armor upgrades are reversed, so if you take the efficient energy shield upgrade, then the physical armor will become cheaper instead of the energy shield.

Challenge level 13 seems impossible to me. On the other hand, I haven't been able to fully employ guards at that level because of the reason mentioned above.