The Aberration Inside

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!!Browsers prevents walkthrough link from opening a new window, you must allow it if you want to check out the video walkthrough!!

The Aberration Inside is a 3D point and click escape adventure game.

Discover the mystery of the forsaken mountain and what has drawn you here. The notes you find around the place will help you to discover what is happening. Speaking to some of the 'inhabitants' will also provide you with some insight into your situation.

Collect all of the items and complete the game in as little time as possible for the best score!

Move around the scenes by clicking the arrows when your mouse is at the edges of the screen.
You can rotate the camera at certain times by clicking the LEFT & RIGHT edges of the screen.
You can go back to the previous position by clicking on the BOTTOM edge.
Click the chevrons in the upper-right corner to open the inventory.
Click inventory items to equip them and then click on objects in the scenes to interact with them.

The game saves your progress so you will continue where you left off. You can reset your game progress by clicking reset in the upper-right on the how-to-play screen.

The game must be played at least twice to collect all of the items and to be able to receive the best ending.

*THANKS to all for playing & rating so far and getting me a DAILY 3RD PLACE, woohooo!!


I would give it a four or even five star rating, because the graphics are awesome. I love psionic. I like his genre. The problem is how you have to go through it twice (at least) to actually "win" (In other words, quite unrealistic.) I would rather it be possible to win by going through just once, that way, i don't appear to be resurrected, or the next guy who "somehow has all the necessary parts. Other then that though, worth your time if this is the type of game you're looking for.

It was an ok game to play.

Overall I had to use a walkthrough twice.

The first was to figure out I could break those rocks with the axe. I had no clue those rocks could be broken, which could have been pointed out by maybe having a text or maybe highlighting the cursor.

The second was to find the upper left corner tablet in the secret entrance. The entrance looked too much like the rest of the background in that particular area and was too easy to pass up making me run through the game three time before finally looking it up.

The ending was a disappointment. It would have been nice to use the tablet and see something else rather than getting the same ending with text saying basically "You got the good ending!"

I found it fun other than those qualms. The story was interesting being based on mythological creatures and gods. It was cool to figure out certain things you could do "just for the hell of it" like mercy killing. Just needs a little better execution on some aspects

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heh. simple, and the story was implemented in an infantile way, but still fun. LOVED the visuals. love collecting items and putting them in places. But it would be realllly niiiiiiice (read: NOT ANNOYING) if the music and sound effects were on separate buttons. AS in, you can shut the music off without shutting off the sound EFFECTS. fun little game.

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what urnam04 said best point ,n click horror game ever cant wait for the second episode :P

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Very good horror point and click game.

1. Mood and suspenseful atmosphere
2. Graphics
3. No bugs that I found
4. Length
5. Good variety of gameplay, items, puzzles, interactable objects, reading, and action
6. The way to get the final tablet piece was ingenious
7. I like the creativity of the built-in replay value
8. Secret areas

1. Some of the items got pretty close to pixel-hunting (in particular a few snake fangs), which is always bad
2. No use for the red gems or snake fangs at all; I prefer all items to have gameplay uses
3. What's the point of keeping score when there's no high-scores table?

1. Having to click to turn LEFT or RIGHT was awkward, maybe just putting your mouse in that area could make you turn, saving you a carpal-tunnel inducing number of clicks throughout the game
2. After I put the severed heads on the poles and the yellow picture key for the dials showed up, there was no indication that after I entered the new corridor that I wouldn't be able to return to the prison cells area and collect further items. There should be a warning message when I hover my mouse over the new foggy corridor that if I click it I won't be able to go back.
3. Mercy killing the wretches had no effect on gameplay as far as I could tell.

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Mar 15, 2016
5:46 AM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click