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The Works Of Bad

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Basically a re-upload because the previous version was even crappier, anyway likes and comments are motivating to make more :D

Have a good day buddy

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This was entertaining. I like your sense of humor. The animation was ok and i think it fits well with this kind of jokes. Hope to see more.

BadWorks responds:

I sort of quit but i sometimes come on here to see new comments every month or 2 lol, and thanks dude i appreciate it very much haha

I enjoyed this very much.
Thought the jokes were funny.
The animations were a bit rough but overall not bad.
I liked the different sketches all were solid.
My fav was the unicorn!
so funny!

BadWorks responds:

I just woke up and reading that comment made me feel proud and goo-ey on the inside, thanks for that dude :D all of these sketches couldve been executed better, so i was pretty unsure about the result. Thanks for proving me wrong friend

Well it had some funny moments, but just some chuckles. I can give you credit for "trying". Overall it wasn't terrible, and I can see room for improvement.

BadWorks responds:

Exactly :D they seemed funnier in my head haha, thanks for taking the time to post a comment on this dude, i normally wouldnt upload unperfect animations, but i dont like effort getting wasted.
See u around dude