Life of a stalker girl

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The story is about a girl named Mei-chan who developed a crush on a guy who was introduced to her by her friend. Little did that guy know, Mei is actually a stalker girl. Ride along with her adventures full of laughs and feels.

How to play: Just click the text box to proceed. The game has 8 endings. Try to get all of them. You can also get stickers if you finish a certain ending. Collect all 8.


i liked it, nice !

This game is so... adorable.
I got all 8 endings and i loved this game. The story is very interesting and i love the characters.
The stickers are also very adorable and help you keep count of endings. The dialogue is so cute and funny that I found myself laughing often. The bad endings also caught me off guard and made me laugh even harder. I found myself connecting to these characters so well that I got really excited when things went well for Mei. This game is not only worth playing, but worth experiencing.

Although the game appears very limited and not properly executed, pushing through that, the game is quite drawn-out with multiple endings that have a lot of dialogue for a short visual novel. The only complaint I could say is not utilising that animated style you had at the introduction of the game, that looked really artistically amazing and complimented the art style a lot!

Regarding the story, I actually got teary over some parts, perhaps seeing a aspiring lover reach her dreams is the reason why or the guys reciprative feelings (at least in some parts), but that may be due to me personally :P
I very much like the writing, although sometimes could be a little more detailed and longer, otherwise it is entertaining and interesting, it holds my attention and my emotion, something I feel is a pivotal requirement for any story-based media, so good job on fulfilling that!

Also, please flesh out the small endings, like the 'cold' ending just felt like a empty choice, why did he leave when in the other ones he doesn't? It isn't explained at all.

KoltonKennedy responds:

Thank you for that review. I'll try to improve and do a little better in the next story or perhaps...a sequel. As for the bad ending, the only explanation of him leaving is...there's nothing to explain at all. It's just a gag and I put it there on purpose. :)

Cute visual novel. I went and did three endings. (he thinks you're weird, kiss, main ending 2)
It's definitely not perfect, though.

Art wise, I think you could improve the game by adjusting how the dialogue text looks. You should try to avoid comic sans for a font and the borders have a lot of stray pixels. The menu looks like it was just a bunch of jumbled MS fonts, you could try using pictures from actual magazines to make it look better. The flash itself should be longer in height and a bit less wide, so instead of just headshots for characters, you could draw half bodies instead. I'd like to see more graphics overall from the game, like for special scenes and endings. This means drawing a full picture for more important parts, (SPOILER) such as Mei charging at Jiro or Jiro slapping his classmate.

Gameplay wise, it's a visual novel, so it's obviously not going to need much gameplay. Adding a "skip dialogue" button that takes you straight to the choice would make the clicking less tedious, especially if you're trying to see all endings and don't want to see the same scene over and over again.

I like the sticker bonuses but I think if you hover over them with your mouse, it should say what ending you got the sticker from.

Overall, I really like this game, just think it needs a bit of improvement.

KoltonKennedy responds:

thanks for the review, but I like it just the way it is :)

Haha he thinks i'm weird.

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3.28 / 5.00

Mar 14, 2016
11:41 AM EDT
Adventure - Other