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Defend the flowers from a horde of evil robot bees from outer space!

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Nice polish to the game, but it slows down proportionally to the quantity of stuff on the screen, making the mouse bullseye jumpy, and thus the ship unaimable/uncontrollable. There's no reason for such a simple game to consume the full resources of a quad-core computer. Too much visual effect, not enough portability & scalability.

not all 5 stars because i noticed a bug... which in the end caused another bug...

Love the idea and how it all works.

Fat cannon is the second bug i noticed, if it leaves too many bullets, it majorly slows down the game.
Now the first but is more serious, after the bonus wave i got a "game over" or something like that when my ship hit the bees, and the game resumed with 0 stars and lv 1... nothing unusual BUT! at the end screen of the level, the stars continued to show, and i could collect them as much as i wanted! with the game actually counting them towards gathered in the level!, once i collected enough to unlock the big gun, i had accidentally collected the big gun bonus and started shooting (while still on the scores screen), which started to slow the game, i clicked play hoping it would reset the script, nada... still slow but i stopped "farting" with the big gun which was kinda endless!.

One minor thing i would change is leave a bit more space between the mouse and the point at which the ship starts/stops breaking, it's really hard to aim without hitting the bees incidentally.

O(ne tiny other adjustment, i lacked some music ;)

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3.09 / 5.00

Mar 14, 2016
11:03 AM EDT