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Sonic D! "Ridein Bull!" EP7 - S1

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Mar 14, 2016 | 3:49 AM EDT

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Author Comments

This episode is the second to last episode in Season one, hopefully you the viewer enjoyed this Season and I hope you are looking forward to Season two because a lot of big changes are coming with Season two when it drops in (No planned date yet.) for some information on Season two read the Q&A it will answer every question for Sonic D S2 that can be answered at this time.


When will Season two be here?: Not even sure myself but I can assure you its coming,

Will Season two be made in a Scene Creator?: No.

Will Season two be made with Photo Shop?: I'm taking some time out to learn Photoshop so yes.

Will there be better music in Season two?: Oh god yes there will be some great music for Season Two!

One song per episode in Season two?: No that's only a Season one thing my friend.

Voice actors in Season two?: It depends on how good my animation becomes, and if I can find some voice actors.

Since you will be using Photoshop to make episodes instead of a scene creator will episodes come out faster?: No actually the opposite, episodes in Season two will be harder to make so they will take time but don't worry I plan to keep them coming in a good amount of time.

Will Season two have good action?: Other than the story, action will be my main focus to improve. Rather its good or not, is for you to decide.

Will Season two be the final Season?: No I plan to keep Sonic D going for as long, as its good.

Will the number of episodes in Season two be eight as well?: No Season one is just short, Season two on the other hand will have more episodes then eight maybe like Sixteen or more.

Why end Season one at eight?: Because the Season brake will give me some time to learn Photoshop, Sony Vegas plus some to work on the Story and I'll have Season two episodes done ahead of time.

When you have learned Photoshop good enough do you plan on remastering the Season one episodes?: Maybe but not anytime Season two maybe Four or Five if Sonic D last that long.

The final episode of Season One is a special that will be 14 minutes long.

YouTube channel link:

Songs used: First To Last

(Just in case you didn't know I don't own Sega or the Sonic series.)

*PLEASE NOTE* This is a Sprite Movie, Haters leave now



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Not bad.