Gold Digger

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Gold Digger
Help Gigi to avoid falling in love and marrying into wealth in this simplistic platformer
Move Left: D, Left Arrow
Move Right: A, Right Arrow
Jump: K, X
Sprint: L, Z
Pause: P

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its alright but you could add like a jetpack addon and medals or something

Graphics are nice but the controlling is absolutely bonkers. Its do-able (took me about 6 times to beat the first level) but because the controls are so bad its very easy to get bored and cease playing.

cyborgbuffalo responds:

Thank you very much for your comment.
I realized that it was hard to control the character due to a sliding effect I made, I updated the game and removed that effect, please play again and tell me if you feel any improvement in the controls.

Very annoying handling.

Force us to take hand off keyboard for restarting a level.

This is a 0 if ever there was one.

cyborgbuffalo responds:

Thank you for your honest opinion and Sorry for any inconvenience, I updated the game, please try it again to see if the handling have improved, your remarks and suggestions about further improvements are always welcome.

Its very hard to control.

cyborgbuffalo responds:

I updated the game, please try it again to see if the controls have seen any improvement, your remarks and suggestions about further improvements are always welcome.
Thank you very much for the honest review

Mhm, mhm yes fuck those ravioli hungry gold digging whores. I meant feed. Feed them.
Of course, 8-bit is enjoyable both in sound and graphics. In the beginning I thought, man this is gonna be repetetive, but no, no, our dear friend Cyborgbuffalo knows how to light the proverbial fire under your ass and get those cursed cupids to come after you at lightning speed in the later levels. Kudos for her making extra trips to special items and having to look out to not get shot by love's arrow herself and stay with some loser. Kek.
Things that could be improved (imho) are her movement accuracy, meaning she slides on after you've stopped for a bit which is a trifle upsetting since the platforms are rather measly hearts. Equally, (shame on me, I didn't play through), why are ALL the platforms (so far) hearts? It adds a slight touch of blandness to that spicy meal. A minor point is that you have to sit through the jingle after you die before you can click the repeat button. Finally: The controls. WASD (as in S for SPRINT) would have been fine, AXZD/AKLD is infuriating (and I realise this isn't the first game doing that).
In spite of all my bitching, I enjoyed it, certainly others think so, as well.

cyborgbuffalo responds:

Thank you very much, I'm more than glad you liked the game and thank you again for your precious remarks and I'm gonna look into your suggestions, and as for the platforms being small hearts, I actually wanted to make the gameplay more challenging and at the same time serve the game theme through an analogy (She have to stomp on and break hearts to get to her goal).
once again thank you very much for playing the game, you are the best :) .

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2.36 / 5.00

Mar 13, 2016
10:43 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop