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Dead Detention 2 #4

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Dead Detention 2-4 5 Points

Finish the episode.

Golden Astronaut 5 Points

I have to retype this every time you know.

Story Tokens IV 5 Points

Find all the Story Tokens or Plot Tokens or whatever da hell dere called.

Author Comments

Update May 2020: Hey everyone! I'm really excited to announce that my first *real* game "VIEW FROM BELOW" is out on Steam now ! It's funny, emotional, and anime-ish ! And actually good , LOL !

* AVAILABLE NOW * - > https://store.steampowered.com/app/1208760/View_From_Below/


This is the fourth episode of the 2nd season of Dead Detention!

In this episode, Naomi, Sam and Max break into a vent, avoiding monsters waiting for them outside the anime club. Meanwhile, Dr. Miller watches in horror as Shia- a mysterious paranormal being- confronts the group.

How to Play;

-Click anywhere to progress through the story

-Click the inventory button to access your inventory and unlocks

-Click the menu button to access the pause menu

-Click objects of interest to unlock plot tokens- which can be viewed from the inventory menu. They'll reveal little tidbits about the plot and foreshadow future developments

-Click EQUIP to equip items, when prompted.

Thanks for playing / reading!

If you need a hint to unlock the Golden Astronaut medal, you can find one here -> http://www.boxrocketgames.com/golden-astronauts-2015.html


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Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/user/08jackt

Previous Episodes -> http://www.boxrocketgames.com/dd2-next-episode.html

Season 1 -> http://www.boxrocketgames.com/dead-detention.html

Alsooooooo play Chaos Girl if you have no idea who Shia is -> http://www.boxrocketgames.com/chaos-girl.html

Patch 1.08;

-Fixed some typos

-Turn on buttonmode property for token 3

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