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pentagon 10 Points

Break them all!

Author Comments

Mouse Only

Destroy all of the pentagons! Every color of pentagon has a different effect that changes the game. Choose the order wisely as pentagons can easily become out of reach.

There is a color blind mode in the options that can be toggled.

This is the first of many flash games I (Jauq or JauqAr) will be developing. Because this is my first complete game I do not expect it to be perfect and I hope all of you (the players) won't either. If you encounter a bug or would just like to let me know something please let me know in the comments. Thank you for playing.

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maybe it doesnt look really cool and blah but who cares as long as it is fun and btw some lvls are too easy i get the by doing random things but 19 is really killing me man! needless to say, good job! ;>

JauqAr responds:

Glad you think my thinking game is fun. I had a bit of difficulty in level design, but I think it turned out alright.


Not bad. I rather enjoyed it. Got stuck on 14 for the longest time. I won't say that they were easier after that, but I was able to catch the patterns a lil better. I too would have preferred something other than pentagons, but I understand your reasoning. To each their own I suppose. Can't really say that that's a major deal breaker.
All in all, good job.

JauqAr responds:

Thank you for the positive review. I can see why 14 might be tricky; It's the first (non-tutorial) level to have purple pentagons.

After a minute in I seriously questioned why they were pentagons. I had expected something with a pentagonal grid, or dodecahedra. You might say it is trivial, but I think it's a bad design choice. Firstly because it missed the opportunity for a design with more empathetic characters. Secondly it obfuscates the square grid; though one could argue that's a good thing, it is especially obfuscating in the case of the purple pivoting blocks, which can turn 4 blocks (and not 5 or 8) which is heavily tied to the square grid.
I also thought it was confusing how long the animations were. I often tried to click for my next move while the animation for the previous move was still playing.
The difficulty of the levels seemed random. I thought the last were properly challenging. For most of the levels I wouldn't be able to reproduce the solution I had; In a sense this helps replayability, and this could have been turned into a good thing with a timed challenge.
Overall nice concept, but needs some polishing in presentation and content.

JauqAr responds:

Thank you for your feedback. I understand your confusion about the pentagons. It was merely to keep it unique. I'd say that pentagons haven't been used in this kind of puzzle game before. I used a square grid to make things simpler (for both my case as a newbie programmer, and the players'). About animation length: I suppose I could make an option in a possible future sequel to speed it up, although you are the only player, so far, to have complained about this. I figure it is only a minor problem. Lastly about difficulty: This part was tricky but I decided to rank my levels by; most possible winning combinations, and then pentagon count. The difficulty may have seemed random because some players may have gotten the correct answer on their first try. I purposefully made the last few levels only have one right answer, thus making them more difficult, but it really is based on how the player perceived it. Thank you again.

Great game that kept me engaged the whole way through. The mechanics were interesting and the visual design was very pleasing. I do wish there were a few more challenging levels but the levels that are there were fun and interesting nonetheless. I look forward to your next submission JauqAr!

JauqAr responds:

Thank you for your feedback, and your interest. If I make A sequel I will definitely try to make more challenging puzzles. :)

Awesome. Kept being interestint all game long.
All I can say is: I want more (and more challenge but only as I read below and find the truth in that)

Septagons would have been even more unique I think ;)

JauqAr responds:

Septagons are pretty cool. Maybe I could make a sequel with septegons instead, but who knows?Thank you for your feedback.

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3.42 / 5.00

Mar 11, 2016
10:56 AM EST
Puzzles - Other