Ms. Rainbow

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CompleteLevel1 10 Points

Complete Level 1

CompleteLevel2 10 Points

Complete Level 2

CompleteLevel3 10 Points

Complete Level 3

CompleteLevel4 10 Points

Complete Level 4

CompleteLevel5 10 Points

Complete Level 5

CompleteLevel6 10 Points

Complete Level 6

CompleteLevel7 10 Points

Complete Level 7

CompleteLevel8 10 Points

Complete Level 8

CompleteLevel9 0 Points

Complete Level 9

CompleteLevel1+Egg 25 Points

Complete Level 1 with Egg

CompleteLevel2+Egg 25 Points

Complete Level 2 with Egg

CompleteLevel3+Egg 25 Points

Complete Level 3 with Egg

CompleteLevel4+Egg 25 Points

Complete Level 4 with Egg

CompleteLevel5+Egg 25 Points

Complete Level 5 with Egg

CompleteLevel6+Egg 25 Points

Complete Level 6 with Egg

CompleteLevel7+Egg 25 Points

Complete Level 7 with Egg

CompleteLevel8+Egg 25 Points

Complete Level 8 with Egg

CompleteLevel9+Egg 0 Points

Complete Level 9 with Egg

SupriseEntry 100 Points

Gain Entry, then enter the Surprise Area.

Author Comments

*** "Fun game that is going to get bad reviews because its too hard" *** -ArmyOfHyde

Meet Ms. Rainbow! She is your new hero and supplier of rainbows to the world!

Help her run, jump, blast, and glide her way through the tricky levels we have Lovingly** crafted for you! =)

Ms rainbow is available now on iOS here:

Ms rainbow is available now on android here:

Check our our development articles and info on SlideDB here:

Visit my website here: http://Www.greenfordgames.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/GreenfordGames
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GreenfordGames/?notif_t=page_fan

Control are TAP and HOLD. TAP to jump, Hold to jump farther. Tap 2x to double jump (When Unlocked), Tap 3x to triple jump (When Unlocked). Tap to wall jump (When Unlocked). Tap to glide (When Unlocked). TAP to blast (When Unlocked)..... Pretty simple huh?

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I think the controls could be improved by making it so that if you click again after your last jump, you'll immediately jump again when you hit the ground. The game is unenjoyable because the controls feel unresponsive.

Also, the left and right arrow keys seem to move you if you press them before clicking. Is that intended? Is it some kind of debug mode?

TheeSeaverShow responds:

The controls are tough on flash... I made it for the mobile. Also I cannot have it that if you press again you will jump once your hit because if you press it again you will double/triple jump once unlocked.

As for the arrow keys, yeah they were for testing the jumps..... Cant believe I left that in there... and whats even more unbelievable is that your the first person to find that... Thanks!

Thanks again for the review, all input and suggestions are appreciated!

Characters design could be better. Shes a little bland. I would get stuck between tiles when landing sometimes. The game is a little unforgiving with its platform detection. Level 3 is annoying as all hell cause the wall sliding jitters the game a little bit. The jumping mechanic is fun, But its too hard to make small jumps.

TheeSeaverShow responds:

Thanks for the review n1ckraith! The character itself was the whole premise of the game. I was given the character and told that I couldn't make a game around it. Thats why the other graphics are much more polished. ;) But I've never had a review about getting stuck between tiles... So ill look into trying to replicate that. As for the jitters, its the underlying software I use. The makers are aware of the issue and assure us that it will be fixed. As for your last comment, I am woking to make the jumps easier, trying different heights and speeds. (Hopefully will be in next update.)

Thanks again for the review!

Too hard. No checkpoints and lives. This game is evil.

TheeSeaverShow responds:

Thanks for the review! Check it out on your mobile device.... its seems to be much much much easier using Tap rather than click. Planning on making the option for spacebar for the next version of flash.

Again, thanks for the review!

You guys dropped the ball when you decided to include this "music". It literally renders the whole experience unbearable after 2-3 minutes. In a game where you need to concentrate you cannot use a music which distracts the user.

TheeSeaverShow responds:

Thanks for the reply. But to be "FAIR", you dropped the ball on this review. A 1 star means that you dislike music, gameplay, art, usability, and difficulty.... And also, ive added a music button so you can mute it. (Background music) And a sound button for you to mute. (Jumps and clicks). So please just mute it and have fun!

Thanks again for the review! (Even though you did not follow review guidelines)

Great game. Frustrating as hell, but fun to master. The medals don't seem to be unlocking though :(

TheeSeaverShow responds:

Thanks for the review. What medals are not unlocking for you? Ive testing them all and had them unlock for my Debugger account. Please send me a message letting me know so I can get this corrected asap!

Credits & Info

2.47 / 5.00

Mar 8, 2016
8:12 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop