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Dracula is HERE (1/2)

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drawing pictures is fun but animating them is not.

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Top 50 material, glad I saw this.

I know I have heard of you guys before, but couldn't understand this. I guess if you look closely, it does have continuity. It is kind of interesting to see how this all fits. What really weighs you down is the fact that you don't have any color. The voices weren't that good, but probably weren't supposed to be. I suppose it does well with your fans.

This appears to be one of your older works. The other stuff you guys have worked on is a lot better. I think the reason this has such a high rating is because it's around Halloween. Then again, there seem to be a lot better Halloween flashes around here. Someone likes you.


"I want to die"


Now at first I thought I was going to write a review about how people need to draw better, but when it's that funny, who cares about the animation?

Funny one

I like the scene when drakula attacks the little boy mother.
Nice timing.The policeman was great but I dont know what the marsians have to do with da whole plot.

What ever...like it.