Robin Raid

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Behold, the final fruits of my labour. Let this be a lesson to us all. some times in life, the over thinking of a problem can be your biggest problem. The last build of Robin Raid glitched, and you couldn't finish the game. That glitch has since been completely fixed, despite spending a week trying to fix it. How did I fix it in the end you might ask? Well I just uncleaned up my FLA. sod being clean.

Ahem. Robin Raid. A point and click interactive story game. you play as Robin, the kleptomaniac nymph. in order to enter a vault of untold riches, she must fight, sneak, guile, and fuck her way to 5 magical keys

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Loved it. Especially the spanking scene. You should make games for certain kinks upon request from Patreons.

As others have stated, the artwork while being kind of simple, is still more fluid than most adult games on this site that tend to go for a more complex style. And I think that's crucial to having a good game based around sex.

There's also quite a bit to do in this game which I like, some of the scenes are pretty funny as well.

Game was fun.
I personally liked the "enter tavern" scene.
The animation was smooth even if the art itself appeared simple.
I am definitely a fan.
I tried adventure #2 but didn't like it as much as this one.
The animation seemed too different and I dunno..
Just didn't get a good feel from it.

Good concept, a lot of (sexual) variety, funny in parts.

Artwork meant to be v basic no doubt, but some touches here and there would make it sexier.

Slight glitch in some blank option panels, but you get there by trial and error. Much like Our Heroine.

A really good job with some humor
I like't

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3.39 / 5.00

Mar 4, 2016
5:26 PM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click