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Civilizations Wars 4 M

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Author Comments

5th game in Civilizations Wars series is about Monsters of all types, robots and zombies and mystery which tied this all together.
Choose one of three races and lead your people through the Land of Giants.
Battle through dozens of unique levels with different goals and gameplays, never seen before in previous games.

Mouse for all actions.
Mouse/Keyboard (1-0) for spells.
Click and hold your mouse over your building to select it. While still holding, move your mouse over a building you'd like attack and release.
To select multiple buildings, click, hold, and drag across buildings and release on a building you'd like to attack.

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I'm still able to play game using Newgrounds player. I'm also on Firefox browser if it matters, although of course not in incognito mode because most browser games won't save a game while incognito, I'm guessing that is perhaps because save info is saved maybe as cookies, and Incognito doesn't generally save them I think.
Anyways, yep, this is an awesome game, so far the only part that I'd suggest changing would be that often the Crystal buildings get selected accidentally when doing the click-drag thing when selecting multiple buildings, and i generally prefer not to send units from those buildings, as that slows the collecting of crystals. With the way that the game is set up though and how the controls function, I do not know if it would be possible to implement something that could easily fix that, and it is just a small issue that is easily worked around, i just personally feel that game-play would work smoother for myself and my style of playing is it were different so that only non-crystal (and maybe non-tower, etc.) buildings were selected when click-dragging, perhaps if it were possible to add a selection in "Options" where "non-normal" buildings were able to be toggled being selected by click-drag, or if they needed to be selected individually and dragging the cursor over them while click-dragging would pass over them... apologies over being so wordy for such a minor issue, I just wanted to explain it in a way that wasn't misunderstood at all.

Other than that (and contrary to the size of the text, it really is a very minor issue that i can easily work around), this game is pretty awesome and very easy for me to play for hours. The artwork fits very well and it all flows together with each separate part perfectly. I like the music, it's pretty cool and fits the overall theme excellent, although I would prefer a few additional tunes added, or at least variations on the main theme... a new part or different little instrumental piece added to the whole tune after each boss would be perfect. Again, not required, just would be bonus awesomeness! ^_^

Very great job!

Games broken on newgrounds. It cant be played using newground flash player with a local save and im not signing up to a random site for the online save function.

I seem to be unable to play. The game loads, music starts, and I get to the title screen, but it's a bit faded out and while the mouse moves, I am unable to click/interact with anything. I am on Google Chrome if that helps.

At first, this game just looks like a reskin of the first game. Those first impressions aren't too far off, but when you look at the map, it becomes a bit more new and interesting, with water slowing you down and wind shoving you everywhere. However, this game never strays far enough from the first game in terms of how it actually plays, and doesn't bring anything new here.
The final boss was so easy, I refused to turn off the lasers and just used the endgame blaster to beat it. It STILL was too easy! MEANWHILE THE FIRST BIG ENEMY, THE OCTOPUS FROM THE FIRST GAME, IS UNKILLABLE WHAT
And then you... just ignore it. Okay...?
The worst boss has to be the turtle. Not because it's too tough, but because it's the first boss from the first game, unmodified, stats and everything. You kill the turtle faster than the enemy, and that's just kinda sad for an endgame boss.
Defense and Attack are broken still, agility is also broken, reinforcements is by far the best spell (and at times reinforcements is the only one worth using), and there seems to be less extra modes than the first game. On the plus side, speed has gotten some more uses, due to the map flinging you around everywhere. I also refused to upgrade XP too much, mostly because when I did that in the first game it didn't realize I overleveled, and refused to let me level up ever again, and with so many things being exactly the same as the first game, I expected the same problems to appear.
Spells are reskinned versions of the first games spells... but why? Why not have some new spells? Why not have a wind spell to blow your enemies far away?
The most annoying things have to be the big totem guys that spawn randomly. In the first game, they were spells, meaning they were upgradable, and you could summon them wherever you want. Here, they spawn at your base, jump into acid and die within two seconds. The worst part is that now that you can command them, they INTERFERE with gameplay! You try to click on a house to select it only to select the totem! If you wanted them to be selectable, why not control them like, oh I dunno, the people in buildings? And totems weren't the best spell to begin with, so now they just kinda hinder you while your ATK-SPD team goes bonkers on everything.
Also... is this game trying to have a plot? I couldn't tell.

Overall, it's fun, but it's not the best. I wish it expanded on the ideas of the first game with new interesting ideas and spells and whatnot, but instead we got more or less the same game with a confusing coat of paint.

lol speed feels so broken if you level it up first. rush enemies real quick