Moto x3m 2

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Take a bike, strap on your helmet, surmount obstacles and beat the time on amazing off-road circuits.


It is definitely a good stunt cycle game, but I don't see the point of keeping the clock running after you crash. NO ONE is going to accept that time and get no stars for the level. So just start over. Everyone is going to hit the Replay link anyway, so just make it easier.

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'bout dang time we got a sequel! :]

I still love the 'pick up and play' aspect. Never change that, please.

In line with the first game, there are surprises and traps that continually interrupt your innocent racing experience. They keep the experience light and fun, even when you're getting crushed by a spike ball or falling into a pit of buzz saws.

The only minus I have is that the levels felt more confined, and that there was less room for error in completing levels. I missed all of the big-air insanity of the first game. And level 23 was particularly grating on my patience. But that's just me.

Thanks for all your work on another great game! I for one am really hoping for Moto x3m 3!

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Best action game I've played in a while. This is the first game I've played in years where I played the whole way through without getting bored. It's like really advanced Sonic The Hedgehog. More of an action puzzle platformer at times than a racing game, despite the motif. Really good stuff. Excellent job!

Sweet game, there are soo many off this kinds off games, but your game was a bit different I think. But I do miss the engine sound when pushing forward in the air, love to hear the engine in the air, if you know what I mean xD

This is everything a flash game should be. Simple, fun, just challenging enough to be entertaining, not clogged up with lots of upgrades, (which in some games that is desired, and there are a few here but it's really ready to go from the start).

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3.84 / 5.00

Mar 4, 2016
3:49 AM EST
Sports - Racing