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Escape The GOP Room

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Author Comments

** Working on fixing all current bugs. Please don't factor them into your reviews! Thanks for taking the time to check it out!**

You are the production assistant at a GOP debate -- stuck backstage in a room with all the candidates, charged with the task of getting them ready for their stage appearance.

Unfortunately they are all a bunch of divas who can't take care of themselves, and won't go out on stage until all their demands are met.

Help them get ready, so you can get the heck out of there!

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It was good for the political stuff everything else
Also why am I playing a game like this in 2019?


Nothing better than a satire. Incredibly easy, I even think giving this a three star review is a bit generous.

KikiGames responds:

Thanks SFPT, don't forget this was my first game ever, lol, and I have no experience at all in game making! :P

I rate a 3 because this game is right in the middle. As a satirical political commentary, it's spot on, as a game...not so much

KikiGames responds:

Thanks gollog, I tried my best, I made this without any experience in how to make games whatsoever! :P

I loved this game! It reminded me of "Ruff's Bone" for CD-ROM.

I got a bug and couldn't continue but I refreshed and started over and it worked fine that time.

I thought the voices were really funny.

KikiGames responds:

Thanks for not giving up!!! :)

I would make fun of the fact that this is a game about political agenda. But that would be too easy.

I would make fun of the fact that this game ITSELF is pretty bad, and it has awful quality, but that would be too easy.

Instead, i am gonna complain that you missed the joke about having Ted Cruz be the zodiac killer.

KikiGames responds:

I too am happy to see someone appreciate and understand the concept of political satire. Party on!