School Girl

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finally I finish my second animation. it took so long because I was very busy in school.


This game is for adult only. The characters in this game are entirely fictional and over 18 years old. All situations are fictional, any similarities are coincidental.

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what the fuck was that cum outside animation it looked like a fucking shotgun

okay first review after a midlife crisis let's do this one right first thing i noticed was the animation it was very smooth and it uses a type i don't see very often with a jpeg in the back and the animated avatar up front now done wrong this can MURDER a game or an animation this isn't bad in any sense it does it pretty seamlessly the character is a bit outta proportion but it is a schoolgirl half those anime chicks have huge heads anyway that's not an accurate comment to the problem (not pointing fingers on that ;) ) the problem is that the body isn't in proportion with the head making it look big if the body had more mass to it it would be fine but it's ignorable so that's only a half star difference my second problem is something i only recently started noticing unnatural looking cum it looks like just a moving jpeg however since it's another minor detail that's only a half star difference my third difference is a bit more personal but i felt that it needed a spot no star difference but i think it'll be helpful to you her (for what little censorship i'll need on an adult animation) hole is already pre spread i dunno it's a personal thing i find that a bit uninviting lastly and this did take off 0.5 for me is this isn't quite classified as something that needs to be in the movies section it's more interactive to be more into game status when you click movies you usually mean to find play button hands free content which is why this would be better suited to the games section other than those gripes this is good for your first animation i look forward to seeing more from you

oh hi !
this nice school girl swf
can you make more postural ?
this will be better !
thank you <3

Character isnt attractive, her body is fine I suppose but the head is huge and... not sure how to put it into words, weird.

Animation is pretty bad and the art isn't too much better. Also, I'm not a fan of furry stuff and usually I can enjoy it if the character is attractive, however this character is really ugly and borders on looking like an actual animal. I'd say, practice on improving your animation and art and maybe add your own style to your characters.

Also, make sure you put your work into the right category. This is more of a game than a movie.