Mana Cave

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Free retro RPG mystery Dungeon Crawl. Rogue, mage, thief explore mines of legend

In this Dungeon Crawler you will create characters from a choice of races, oversee their training in skills, and lead them into a mysterious enchanted cave on a quest of exploration, mapping, and looting. As you venture deeper, you will discover rare and powerful artifacts. The deeper you explore, the more excitement and challenge you’ll find. But proceed with caution, or death may find you... While on your quest to explore the depths of the enchanted cave, you can collect useful loot, battle with rogue monsters and crawl your way to find the king of mana. This classic RPG exploration game takes many elements from roguelikes & classic retro rpg games. Death is not permanent like traditional roguelike but have a heavy penalty.

The Mana Cave became the land's proving grounds for both physical and magical studies. It thrived as adventurers came from all corners of the land to the city, warriors, thieves, mages, sorcerers came to explore the depths. Dwarves and other mining races crawl to the depths, but then the depths began to teem with an evil life. By now, rogue thieves, barbarians, magic users and warriors actually made the dark mines their new home. These few became outcasts, dirty and greedy hungry for wealth, magic, and blood. Dark creatures began to emerge, slimes, demons, devils, evil mages, and warriors. Some dark force now have the secret knowledge of the twelve most powerful sages ever to come into existence. It is now time to open the depths of the enchanted dungeon and crawl into the darkness to find the source of this evil.

Set in a fantasy land with mines of mana, you to have to create your own team choosing from mages, warriors, thieves and try to descent into this mystery dungeon crawl while fighting with slimes, dragons and other rogue creatures. Weapons, armors and amulets found in the cave can be enchanted and become immensely stronger in the process. Each time a weapon, armor or amulet is enchanted there is a small chance that the item rejects the new magic power and is destroy, evaporating into thin air.

The Mana Cave from ultima fantasia : www.themanacave.com

° Free Retro RPG Dungeon Crawler exploration game
° No lvl limit quest, become as strong as you can
° Based on retro classic dungeon crawler and roguelike
° Open world, non-linear
° Updated and balanced

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Actually, this was pretty good. I had fun playing this. Suggestions for improvement:
-I can't access potions in combat.
-I can't upgrade items that are equipped.
-Add a view of the character stats in the item equip screen. I know numbers are red if I don't have that level yet, but seeing their stats would help.
-I'd recommend a better 'Save' menu. It doesn't say it's saving, and it restarts the game, yet with the info saved.
-Yes, movement on the overworld is rough. Shrink the hitboxes on things we can't walk through to make movement easier.
-Make a fight tutorial in the tutorial somewhere. i wasn't quite sure how to fight til I was in one.

That's all I can think of at the moment. All in all, the game was a nice distraction tha I spent way longer than I'd planned on. Keep at it. :)

this is cute but a little rough mobility wise on the over-world but has from what i'v seen good machanics i hope you continue to create content cus this was alright

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3.06 / 5.00

Mar 1, 2016
7:05 PM EST
Adventure - RPG