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Damn Daniel is still a thing, right? Maybe I should have done Durr Plant instead...

This was made in about 3-4 hours by the way

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GeneralyBananas

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PRO TIP: Ignore it all.

Sorry, but this just isn't very good. The only audio heard is "Damn, Daniel". Only hearing that over and over again gets too repetitive. The character shown isn't even seen doing much aside from crying blood. At least make the character have more reactions, whether it's a change in facial expressions, making a comment on what's being played on the laptop, or both. Try making something with more action.

GenerallyBananas responds:

Thanks for the review. I understand it is very bare, I was finding the Damn Daniel video quite annoying and wanted to express that, and I haven't had a finished project to release in a while so I made this as a quick thing. My other projects have a lot more going on, I'm just nowhere near finishing any of them. Thanks again and I hope it doesn't sound too much like I'm making excuses