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Sum Links

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The rules are simple:
1. Connect tiles so that the their sums match one of the goal values (e.g. 4 = 2 + 2, 7 = 9 - 2).
2. Round tiles can be used more then once.
3. Some levels also require that all cells in the grid must be filled.

Use the mouse to navigate and select. Click and hold to drag connections.

Space, U - Undo last move
R, Enter, Backspace - Reset current level
Esc - Return to the main menu
M, S - Toggle music and sound effects

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Maaan, now talk about a good puzzle! It really made me think my way through, and it was awesome all over.

This game has pretty nice puzzle mechanics, based on simple arithmetic principles, but making for brilliant challenges. In every level, you have to "link" together numbers on a grid to form the required sums. When you're done, no numbers should remain on the board and, in certain levels, you need to fill in an entire area of cells with your grid movement. While most numbers can only be used once, the game eventually introduce numbers that can be used by a multitude of sequences at once, and that's when things start getting complex and interesting. The game provides us with challenge after challenge, and we occasionally have to crack our skulls a little bit to get some of those working.

Another thing I like is that this game teaches the player about each type of grid tile in a "show, don't tell" manner, meaning that it favors level designs that lead the player to learn about mechanics instead of a bunch of text explaining what each thing does. This is a lot better than reading a bunch of text.

If I were to give a hint to people who are about to play this game, it'd be to keep the following obvious observations in mind: first of all, in levels without reusable numbers, the sum of the remaining number tiles is always equal to the sum of non-cleared "goal numbers". Second, in levels with reusable numbers, always verify the difference between the sum of non-reusable tiles and the sum of the "goal numbers", as that difference equals the amount you'll have to supply with the re-usable tiles. I know these are plain obvious observations, but they're the kind of thing we tend to forget when we start getting frustrated, and believe me when I say they make a world of difference.

As for the presentation, it's okay. It's nothing extraordinary or flashy, but it does its job well. I particularly love the music, and the graphics are not bad.

All in all, a solid puzzler for people who like to crack their brains a bit.


i look into my wall and i think that this game is ok

It would be very useful if you could mark that squares belong together, even if they don't have a number on them. For the missions where you need to fill the grid, sometimes you can figure out that certain squares are in the same group, but there's no way to mark that currently.


I HATE MATH, but this game is brilliant. The fact that there is no timer, really makes it fun to play and casual.

Ive literally seen this game the past few days and just kept avoiding it because i didnt want it to challenge my intellect in a bad way and Im so happy Ive played it cause its done the complete opposite.

GREAT JOB. Favorited.

Credits & Info

3.85 / 5.00

Feb 26, 2016
1:41 PM EST