Cleopatra's Escape

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You always liked to explore the pyramids and ancient buildings. This pyramid was supposed to be just another in a series of your studies. But it was different. As soon as you came in, the door behind you closed and the first thing you saw were the remains of the unfortunate adventurer who walked in here long before you. You've got to find a way to reopen the door or you'll suffer the same fate.

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It should be more clear that the snake turned into a stick. Yes Egyptians did use compasses, but not like the one in the game.

Graphics are realistic. I love the Egyptian wall arts.

Game play is somewhat difficult. After I collected a stick, I couldn't turn it back to a snake after several trials. Then, all of a sudden, I did it. Thanks to the walk through, the scroll clue isn't clear enough for indicating the distance between two objects.

Either the flute is broken or i don`t understand the concept. I got lucky on the snake but the other part i don`t know how to get. I did every combination possible from the hieroglyph code and nothing worked.

This is pretty great overall and I liked how transmutation magic was implemented in this as part of a puzzle. However, figuring out what to do at first was very confusing, especially the part involving numbers using the Ancient Egyptian number scale on the wall. It took me quite a while to figure all of that out. Also, the item placement is pretty good save for one thing: What is a modern compass doing sealed in an ancient coffin and why is it part of a puzzle? It seems like the only way for that compass to make sense is that the Ancient Egyptians who built the pyramid used time magic to summon that compass from the future and implemented it for that puzzle. At least the luggage scale's placement made sense, since it could've been brought to the pyramid by the player character's predecessor like the crowbar had been, thus I have no problem with that. Also, why there isn't a mummy, canopic jars housing its organs, and treasures (with the exception of the ornate scarab) in this pyramid? The pyramids are specifically tombs designed to guard mummies and their grave goods from graverobbers and tomb raiders, thus no mummy and treasures equals no purpose for the pyramid other than a random death trap for people who trespass on a fancy looking non-tomb. Other than that, you did a great job and I'm looking forward to your next game someday.

Not understand about combine

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2.85 / 5.00

Feb 25, 2016
5:24 AM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click