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The Night Henry Allen Died

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"The Night Henry Allen Died" is a game we made a year ago during a game jam. It was the seed for our current project, "A Place for the Unwilling", which is now on Kickstarter.


An old friend is in need of help but when you appear to help him things don't go as you would expect.


@Ludipe , code & design

@ruben_oluwa , art

@celer_gut , music and sound

INSTRUCTIONS: Move around with the arrow keys, press "S" to interact with objects and characters.

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It's interesting to interact with different characters and find out what each person is like. I wanted to find out what happened to Henry and how to go to his room and the town. However, I couldn't do it.

I liked the music and the sound effects.

As earlier pointed out the design and the art are there, but you need to revise interaction in between you and the npc-s. The menu is quirky, you should be able to hold the down button to scroll to the last option. The music stops at random, there is no answer for the painting "question" (deliberate or a bug). There are typos (Dana says "the butler bring me tea"). The story is underdeveloped, you should get rid of the "I receive a letter from a friend then I go to his house" opening, it was already overused in Alon in the Dark 1.

I "discovered" the hole in the fence, the painting, the two diaries and a bunch of other stuff (clues?). However, I cannot progress the story any further. Could you please tell us if there is an actual end to the demo (there should be) or is it going around in circles?

Has potential but feels very unfinished even for a demo. You should make some changes because in this form it is not a good product to promote your game.

A nice demo that, unfortunately, doesn't have much of a payoff and has a handful of bugs.
It falls a little short in promoting your game, because I can sense its potential but this short snippet doesn't show off much of it. The most glaring shortcoming however is the fact that it feels frustrating to be stuck with nothing to do once you have discovered all the topics.
The game seems interesting, but this is too flawed to give it justice.

Um yeah, this thing has no ending and at least two bugs. Wheee! Fun! NOT.

LOTS of potential, but bugged with that painting question and big lack of progress. As many others I could not finish or waste more time on it. More leads in conversations would be welcome, nice design though